Another one bites the dust

So, Trevor is off to South Africa tonight. Well, if Air Zimbabwe don’t do their thing. Yes, that delay and cancel thing that they do so well so often. I digress. There goes another Zimbabwean, off to the Big Bad Diaspora In Search of the Almighty…uhm…Rand.

Tell you what, at the rate peeps have been sodding off to the Great Out There, the temptation to join this migratory pattern has been mounting. How close am I to packing it in? Let’s just say I’m waiting for the year to end, and if shit continues on this downward spiral, I might be found packing my suitcase (well, tote bag) and fecking off out of it, too.

I digress again. Not about me. Trevor, wish you the best mate, and we all know you’re just going Egoli just to watch regular live rugby.

5 Replies to “Another one bites the dust”

  1. I’m here my darling (in Joburg – hint hint)!!!!! So far so good, got off the plane which arrived on time, dropped off my bags at home and went to a Barn dance. We figured the only way we could survive this was by having a dorp. Alas the watron told us they had “NO BEVERAGES AT ALL”. That was enuff & off to 96. It was rocking I tell u. Been working on my fitness & have plaved tennis two days in a row now. The return of Boris Becker is neigh. I will say one thing though, I dont miss them power cuts one bit!

  2. Operative word being – EX, darling. So trevor I mail joe your number and he’ll send it tto me 🙂

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