What the hell’s the greenback for?

You have to wonder. Not long ago, Guv of the Reserve Bank of Zimbo, Dr Giden Gn (he’s removed 3 zeroes from his name) introduced the new and ‘convenient’ ZWD100k bearer cheque. Which, of course, is bright green. Now, having wasted all that money and effort, that thing becomes useless in 19 days.

Cos we have NEW currency, baby. With three zeroes slashed off the end! Not millions now, but thousands. Woo-hoo. Wait a minute? What? No new currency, you say? Just new bearer cheques? Bugger: so how long will it be till we actually get currency? Oh, when the economy turns around and we can AFFORD to print new money. Till then, it’s more useless bits of paper.

Right then, not to worry, new bearers it is. Weirdly designed things too, and a lot more ‘minimalist’ than the old (well, current) colour blocks of brown, blue, red, pink and, uhm, green.

Never a dull moment, I tell you. Hahaharare rocks!

4 Replies to “What the hell’s the greenback for?”

  1. Hohohoho jojo you wer a millionaire now you a thousand-aire hehe. Are they goin to burn the old notes then

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