Are you trying to tell me something?

I must be doing something wrong. Seriously, I think there has to be a major flaw in the way I’m conducting my shit, cos really peeps, Nothing. Is. Working. Out. And I really mean, not a damn thing is going right! Jesus wept.*

Ever feel like you’re treading water but you just keep on sinking? That’s how I feel this week. And the last. Lots of work going on…pay? Nada. Lotsa chicks hooking up…sex? Nada. Combined with some serious project overflows, personal “issues” (wink) and hard graft at IcT Africa 2006 (read: Cybergames tournament), I haven’t been able to get a decent night’s sleep till…tonight maybe?

It’s sad, looking at the half-read Sports Illustrated on my desk, that Mail & Guardian from Friday, still folded and as untouched as a Catholic virgin.** Hopefully all my issues will be resolved by the end of today, and I can get back to blogging hard, playing hard and, you know, reading the damn paper.

Or maybe I’ll just read it online while I upload this stubborn website…again.

* & ** In case these references seem out of place, I have to say I’ve been wrestling more and more with the Spiritual Question. I dunno, maybe with all these troubles, I’m being called back to church. And not just for the chicks 😉

15 Replies to “Are you trying to tell me something?”

  1. ko mfana why disappear for so long thought u had died ha! i see you have been busy feel free to tell us when you fix your issues

  2. Tafi, got your email boet, the guy’s just gonna check and confirm thenks elot.

    Guys, I’m not putting my shit on the internet, hehe (although I might have already). Mail me and you’ll get the juicy details, I promise 🙂

  3. eerrrm dude i am having a blonde moment,where is the link to ur email add….its wednesday and theres no football so forgive me….

  4. Tino, go find some lunch, or is that salad enough for you (as usual)?

    Kloo, it’s joe at rustygate dot org 🙂 I’ll add a contact form but I’m having a blonde MONTH trying to get it to work

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