All sorts of random things…

…have been happening to me lately, and sadly (or happily, depending on your p.o.v) I haven’t quite had the time to fill y’all in. It’s kinda hard for me to absorb Liverpool losing then winning, working like a dawg, unknowingly hitting on teenage girls and almost getting killed (deep breath) *and* falling in love (again).

So I’m taking time out this week to get it all down. The joy of watching the Reds in full flow, if only for one half. The trouble with working for nothing, all day, every day. The sad occasion when my Kiddie Radar failed to discern the age of a rather fine-looking young lady. Then the time I was nearly murdered in the streets of Ha-ha-ha-rare.

And of course, how I’ve fallen deeply, head-over-heels, matching-towels going-down-without-being-asked LURVE, baby! I’ll tell you all about it later, I promise.

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  1. I can’t wait till the 21st of October when Liverpool hammer Man U good and proper. I get hot and sweaty just thinking about it.

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