Arnold Chirisa; go you good thing

Those who know me will testify to the fact that I watch a lot of TV shows. Just not on TV.

By the time stuff comes on MNet, I’ll already have finished the series, and in some cases (like Dirty Sexy Money) I’m onto the second season before the first one is done on telly.

Why? Downloads, of course. I get the shows, watch them on my computer and delete as I go. C’est la vie.

So here I am, easy like Sunday morning, watching this new series called Crusoe. You know the story; white man marooned on an island, teaches savage native The English, hi-jinks ensue. Blah.

Except the native looks awful familiar, and on closer scrutiny I notice the dude playing Friday is … Arnold Chirisa. OUR Arnold Chirisa.

I can’t forget the face, cos I did a lot of video conversion and duplication when I was editing video full-time, and I’ve watched every single frame of Tanyaradzwa over fifty times.

So I scan back to the opening credits and there it is, clear as day. Tongayi Chirisa. Cue head-feck.

The show itself seems a little weak, the dialogue is cliched and stilted, and Chirisa’s Man Friday speaks in what I can only call Gwash African Ingrish, but it’s worth a watch just to celebrate a (rare) Zimbabwean brother done good. And the fights.

So here’s to you Arnold Chirisa – fly that flag high bwoy, and we wish you good things on the Big Stage.

They should pay ME to run around a fecking island. Jesus.

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  1. I don’t quite understand his accent though. It sounds like a musalad trying to put on an SRB accent.

    p.s. I love Dirty Sexy Money. Have you watched Arrested Development, that was a good show?

  2. I don’t blame him. The number of variations people would have for it. None of which would sound anything like it should. He wasn’t lucky like some to get Eleanor or Joseph for a first name. Take me for example, I am no longer sure just how my name is supposed to be pronounced anymore, after the many variations I get of it.

  3. Arrested development is great. Also Curb Your Enthusiasm has me in fits. Took a while to figure out whether it was a reality show or actual comedy fiction. As for dirty sexy money, cant comment, other than I tried and failed to engage. Didn’t help that it was on when NCIS and or Law and Order were on.

  4. DSM is pretty good, but it’s also growing old on me. I still have a hard-on for Heroes, and Burn Notice is okay.

    But the awesomest, scariest, sexiest, funniest and … awesomest new show is ….

    … True Blood. Rah.

  5. Has anyone watched Dexter? The opening credits of that still weird me out.

    What I was pleasantly surprised by was the American version of the Office. Season 1 was singularly atrocious coz they were trying too hard to be like the British one. But later seasons are really good. Who can forget that iconic line ‘that’s what she said’?

  6. “hi-jinks ensue” my favorite line ever…

    oh and Californication is still the best thing I’ve watched for a while.

  7. Oh yeah, of course. Carlifornication. The second season doesn’t seem to be disappointing either, and Chuck’s season opener wasn’t that bad either.

  8. Screw you JB, Dexter is the best ever show ever made. Heroes is pissing me off like you wouldn’t believe. It should have just stopped at Season One when it was still mind-blowing. Now, it is just like Xmen 3. Just a load of good ideas very badly executed. You know, I can’t talk about Heroes anymore. If True Blood is the new vampire HBO show, I am very much at the edge of my seat just waiting until it is out on DVD or on TV.

  9. I thought one had to be embarrassed to like Chuck (it’s a bit tweeny). Good to know I can be proud in some circles. If you like Chuck, you might like Reaper. As for Californication, couldn’t see past the annoying leading lady.

  10. that leading lady is just about perfect in my books. Tall, lithe and eyes that could stop a Japanese Bullet Train. You should hear her real accent- maybe it is just that I have a thing for Irish girls but damn…

  11. I am watching everything Elle. Well, at least anything they show on Freeview. Oh, The Closer is also excellent. Dexter rules so much I can’t believe it ain’t HBO.

  12. also I have a penchant for Secret Diary of a Call Girl. If you haven’t watched it just google imagesearch Billy Piper and realize she plays a prostitute… ‘ Nuff said really.

  13. Irish my ass. She ain’t Irish. So you ain’t got a thing for the Irish. You just have a thing for seemingly Irish accents. She whines a lot.

  14. Secret Diary of a Call Girl?! Dang. It is things like this that remind me that boys are significantly different. Their motive behind things is ALWAYS highly dependent on an incomplete X chromosome. That show is made by ITV! Enough said.

  15. She was born in England and her accent isn’t quite Irish but yeah she’s Irish. I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense but trust me, she’s Irish.

    As for Secret Diary’s of a Call Girl, I know nothing of your anti-ITV bias nor do I care.
    Yes boys are different.
    Apart from this ever meandering internet tome, I also have a habit reading blogs written by whores. The ever so charming Belle de Jour is the inspiration for that show and why I first found it- but yeah I stayed for Billie Piper’s boobs.

  16. I used to read Belle du Jour, before she even got a book deal. So when I heard about the show, I went hunting. I’ve watched all the episodes so far, and I find it … lame. There’s something … lost in translation? Anyway.

    Tara, you may like Dexter. Fine. I don’t. So “screw me”. No child, screw you for liking fucking Reaper. REAPER!

    I like that Californication lady, she has this … Uma Thurman in Kill Bill vibe about her, and I loooove Uma Thurman.

  17. If I was Uma, I’d be pissed at that comparison. BTW, never said I particularly like Reaper. It is just something to do at midday on a Saturday morning/afternoon before I get down to business.

    But point taken, different strokes. But Dexter is inspired.

  18. having an election party tonight… so sad that Canadians care so much about our neighbours but any excuse to party eh?

  19. I have the day off tomorrow just to make sure I can stay up for the whole shabang. Last chance for predictions. Anyone honestly think Obama will be immune to fixing of the ballot and that effect the polls tend to suffer from? The Bradley effect? I am rather more excited to see the effect of the result. Wonder if things could go the way of the Zimbabwe elections. A runoff maybe. 🙂

  20. Obama wins with 54% of the popular vote but only narrowly with regards to the electoral college -probably around 310 seats – you need 271 to be elected president.

  21. Fuck me! He fucking did it. We have a black man in the White House. Jesse Jackson was sobbing like a baby, Palin was fighting back tears, McCain choking them back. It is done. America has spoken. Jesus Christ!

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