I are a busy body

Hello boys and girls, daddy’s been a little too busy to spend time with you lately. Sorry for that, I still love you but you know daddy’s got to work, okay?

I’ll be sure to make time for you on the weekend and tell you a lovely story, yeah? My cars just gone in fora  service so movement will be limited, but don’t worry, I’ll find something to write about, alright?

Lovely. Wave to the nice Liverpool man, now.

14 Replies to “I are a busy body”

  1. You ever listened to Kaiser Chiefs, the British Indie Rock band? If not, I recommend ‘I predict a riot’ and ‘We are the angry mob.’ Their biggest hit I think is ‘Ruby.’ They sing about life in Britain, but I find myself thinking of people like you living in Zimbabwe when I hear it.

  2. wht do you mean by “people like you living in Zimbabwe”. are you goin all Mcain/Palin ala Joe the Plumber. so when u hear of struggle, angry mobs and riots you think of pple like Joe the Zimbabwean

  3. Dhlaks is Carlsburg the knockoff Chinese version of events? Or are you doing your own home brew items in the backyard?

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