Back in bizniss

After a great holiday involving a shyte-load of green bottles and loads of bull-mangoes, I’m finally back in Hahahare and ready for another go-round at the life thing.

First, big up to my girl aefro-chicque for keepin the fire burning in my absence, I really should just turn this site over to you cos you rock! And you have issues 🙂 For really, you’ve kept me entertained when I didn’t have the time to write anything.

More on the past month later, and a few issues regarding the fekin Zimbabwe “Warriors” and their trip to Egypt. But for now, much love to Andy and shortie for welcoming me back big-time, had a good jol the other nite, we’ll do it again soon.

Pamberi nema g-string.

11 Replies to “Back in bizniss”

  1. Uhm…I made a resolution to quit damaging my lungs? I thought it was to damage my lungs *occassionally* 😉

  2. I have a better chance of getting laid before the weekend than you do of quiting smoking.

    So china, whats the what. Pay for my DSTV & you can watch Super 14 at my house all the time. Cab is cheaper to my place than to the nanny.

    aefro-chicque is the way forward, she kept it real

  3. Trev, I thought you were the Master P.I.M.P. what happened?

    I would happily watch it at yours, but you have no waitresses dude…and you know how we like those.

  4. These romance romance things are not for the faint hearted. Besides when working night shift the only chicks you meet are at the food court or security guards.

    Whoever is recruiting waitresses should be shot

  5. Whatever happened to Joe black ?
    Young man who loved the sack
    Held a green bottle
    Like an airplane throttle
    To Harare says he?d never go back

    Whatever happened to Joe black ?
    Messaged and wouldn?t call back
    Asked whats up ? he would say Jack
    When will he ever come back
    And we can all listen to Pitch Black

    Whatever happened to joe black ?
    Oh he was such a wise crack
    I hope he was not in a hijack
    Coz he carried so much greenback
    Which he probably got from a hack ?

    after seaching for joe black and finding him … this is what he supposedly said

    My heart?s in Tipperary
    My heart is not there
    My heart?s in Tipperary
    So charming and dear
    Rambling the lanes
    Where the harlots roll
    My heart?s in Tipperary
    Wherever I go

    Farewell to Visions
    Farewell to the Keg
    Each byway I knew
    Every upland and fen
    Wherever I wander
    Wherever I rove
    The soil of Tipperary
    Forever I?ll love

    Farewell to Chez?
    High shrouded with glass
    Farewell to the homes
    In the bowling alley below
    Farewell to Kwaito
    In the city of kings
    Farewell to the streamlets
    And chick-yielding floods!

    My heart?s in Tipperary
    My heart is not here
    My heart?s in Tipperary
    So charming and dear
    Rambling the lanes
    Where the harlots roam
    My heart?s in Tipperary
    Wherever I go.

    (for joe Black … missed in the city of kings )

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