A gentle nudge off the road…

So, driving to work along Enterprise Rd this morning, I was witness to something which always, without failure, manages to get on my tits.

There we were, cruising along, and those that know Enterprise will bear witness to the clearly-marked, reasonably well-paved cycle track on the ‘Borrowdale’ side of that road, which stretches all the way to the Grange. That’s about 15km of track, yet there’s always some daft git on a bike weaving along down the traffic lane.

I mean, you have to be stupid as feck to test your wits against Harare drivers at any time, but rush hour on a bicycle? And you have all these dumb-asses, mostly security guards and whatnot, cruising along just on the edge of the road, weaving this way and that – it’s enough to drive you nuts. But I’ve decided to do something about it.

Next time you’re driving down a road with a cycle lane, and you see one of these wannabes, just pull up alongside him and give him a light, gentle push off the road. Of course he’ll go careening off on a tangent, probably ending up marooned in a hedge, but fair go, right? If you wanna play with the big boys, you gotta take the flak.

Go on, just have a go, and see how good you feel afterwards…

9 Replies to “A gentle nudge off the road…”

  1. Work? Is there something I missed Sonny! And no I will not be nudging anyone with my car, will spoil the paint on my car

  2. Radical Joe Black the Zim Dollar millionaire… Relax dnt vent your “blue January” frustations on poor cyclists. I am sure you can just hoot 😉

  3. Yes Trevor, work 🙂 Gimme a call and I’ll tell you what I’m up to.

    Bigaz tsvagai zvekutaura mhani

  4. Jojo baby, how goes? Another year huh?

    Why you propagating murders…you’ll be held liable if one of these rusties kills someone.

    I’ll call you tonight, I have lots of nyayas.

  5. Hey Tino welcome back, will talk to ya later.

    Methinks Bigaz vakarobwa neJD big-time, so he’s lashing out at the rest of us.

    Not that we aren’t also afflicted…

  6. chibhanzi chakati tii .. asi masirious ndiwo amusina boyz dzangu . ndichamboendz ku South for lunch , ndofunga engin yendege yadziya , ndozokubatai chitaim taimu

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