Best. Weekend. Ever.

So I went down to Kadoma this weekend, ostensibly for the Jameson get-together and reunion function.

Turns out, it was more a weekend escape from the usual Harare bullshit. There’s nothing like hanging out in a villa suite with football on and a beautiful woman.

Besides, almost nobody showed up for the reunion. And there was neither beer nor electricity. And the DJs were crap.

So the only value was in spending time away with my favourite girl.

Well, maybe not so quiet.

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  1. [b]There’s nothing like hanging out in a villa suite with football on and a beautiful woman[/b]

    JoeBlack, wats her name?

  2. That’s what happens when you don’t go to a proper school and you have peeps who don’t bother. Darkies are really poor when it comes to organising shit – piss up in a brewery and orgy in a brothel.You should have gone to Sports Club and seen your team getting beaten by the white boys. If you wanna see how it should be done go to OG’s and watch us against them on Saturday.

  3. Sounds like Mickey & Minnie are going strong

    and BD, what exactly is a proper school?..Is it a private school?, a white school?

  4. ST johns College is a proper school. it has nothing to do with the fact that is private and predominantly white!

  5. I’ve got some photo evidence AT, that’s for sure!

    Yeah organisation was piss-poor, but I noticed a general lack of will amongst the old students I’ve spoken to. Go figure.

    Saints, PE boys should just shut the fuck up. At least Jameson had REAL girls, not Form 1s in skirts.

  6. so what is then that distinguishes the “proper schools” from the rest?
    and which are the other “proper schools”

  7. The sense of pride that one has for an institution and its activities and well being after they have left shows that it is proper, because the institution should instill within you values that you take on for the rest of your life, it plays a large part of what you are now as opposed to what you could have been!

  8. Firstly, St Johns College did one thing good for me. They had the most attractive Far East Asian boys ever. That they kicked ass at basketball made them all the more appealing. Shame that one could not see beyond the fact that they came from a school that is generally one of arseholes. They always looked like they had some collective bug up their collective asses.

    Secondly, BD, or whoever had the pleasure to attend school at the said college, what was it like being in the minority in majority. Can’t have been a walk in the park? I imagine having a well off background didn’t completely make up for having dark skin. When did the subject of hatred (assuming you had a bitch of a time fitting in) turn into the subject of such pride (re:Darkies are really poor when it comes to organising shit blah blah blah)?

    Don’t you just love it when someone would have gone on about how life sucked (eg in a predominantly white high school) and then later talks as if it was the good life and they were better than all the rest who had a relatively comfortable life in an average school?

  9. I never had a problem with been a minority! And i had the best time of a my life at school. Only once in my life have i ever experienced rasiscm and that happened 3 months ago. Call me naive but colour was never an issue, if i must be honest i actually found myself fitting more with the majority than the minority folks. And no, i am not a coconut! My folks were average folks and not well off so for me it made no difference, i was there to learn and make the most of my childhhod. Gala, I am glad you can find good favor from the men in Green blazers

  10. About time! When I look back at the old prefect’s outfits, it makes me cringe that I ever wanted to be one. The oversized blazers and the shoes out of mum’s wardrobe look really dated now. Anyway, sounds like you may have wasted some money when you could have had the good bits at home for less or just blown the fee for attending on some room service at the ranch.

  11. Uhm, did you actually hear me complain? Gala, don’t get it twisted my friend, read the title again.

    This is a happy post! I had a villa at the Ranch and had a whale of a time.

  12. I never said I found good favour from them. 🙁 They would have found good favour from me had they been looking. But because they were such douchebags they didn’t. Boy, those brothers (i.e. they looked related rather than coz they were black) were hot.

    Oh, and by the way, nothing sets my blood boiling like the use of brother and sista by a black to another just for the colour of their skin. “I don’t know you? Just cause we black don’t mean we tight. Get to know me first, or at least let me.” It is this over familiarity that reluctantly and inadvertently landed me my first boyfriend. And people wonder why I am more cautious than average.

  13. JB, I was actually agreeing with you and the joy ain’t lost on me at all. Am doing my best not to dwell on the detail lest I regurgitate at the idea of someone having a good life compared to my below par existence – among other things.

  14. you would be suprised cluelss to realise that many pple who went to your so called “not proper” schools do have a great sense of pride of the schools they attended. But I can understand why you wouldnt know that coz ur ass is obviously stuck up so high you could never relate to the experiences of the not properly schooled
    whilst a school may play a big part in ones life, most people will have even more significant post school experiences otherwise they are not really progressing
    most pple who did not attend your so called proper schools are doing as well those that thad did and many more are doin even better. so if id attended a “proper” school, id be quite disappointed in my lack of progress since leaving school if i still thot that the main thing reason for being where and who i am, is beacuse i went to a “proper” school

  15. Anonymous, you might be reading between the lines, whilst you may have progressed in life it is the grounding and foundations that you got whilst at school. I say St johns is a proper school because it gave me a firm foundation in life, thats not to say that a school sush as kutama college isnt a proper school,coz belive it or not i wanted to go there but failed the entry exam. If you know me you would know that i aint stuck up. and initially by mentioning st johns as a proper school was only a means to evoke a bit of banter between us all.

  16. Private school was no walk in the park at the nunnery in H. The racism was so overt as to be breathtaking. I remember the one white teacher referring to black girl’s cornrowed hair as ‘rats tails’. The one thing it did have going for it was that they developed non-academic talents, which I think some of those mission schools like Gina miss out on. Coz there were some okes there thicker than a plank, but went on to do great things on the extra curricular front (some paying college fees in dollar bills nonetheless).

  17. Anonymous – head firmly stuck up ass? lol.

    To answer an earlier question, ‘proper’ regarding a school is highly subjective. Of course the usual rivalry and banter with someone who graduated from a different alma mater is common, it doesn’t mean my proper is YOUR proper.

    Even if you went to Chemadhegudhegu Secondary, it’s up to you how much you contribute to that school after you left, or how high you uphold your school’s name, and whether you shout it out for all to hear and show support when asked.

    I for one am what Jameson helped make me, and I do all those things.

    If you don’t, that’s YOUR choice to make.

  18. Isu vekuSt Nyoka tiri maDoctor wane tirikurapa vanhu vese kunyange mhondoro nehwai (Rams) dzakadzidza kuSt Johns.

  19. you know, the proper school isn’t always the beta school. we can argue about this all day and all year. its wat you take out of the school that determines its value in your life. and JB i agree, its what you give back that makes it an even beta school. and perhaps if times were not so difficult, more Jamesonians may have attended maybe…or maybe there just wasn’t any alcohol…

  20. spot the difference. how did jameson help make JB?

    JB in form 1…arrogant,self-righteous, sarcastic ,smart ass, will not shut the fuck up

    JB in sixth form…beer guzzling, ho loving, smoking,arrogant,self-righteous, sarcastic ,cussing , bullying smart ass, still wont shut the fuck up

  21. If what yo give back to your school makes it good then Jamie was was a shit school. What exactly is this that one can give back to a school? What I took out of Jameson? Educationwise, it made me the scientist I am. Socially, it crippled my ass.

  22. you can give back in cash/kind to develop/maintain the infrastructure to enable those who come after you to have similar opportunities & experiences.

    can u really blame the school for your social disability, coz some would argue that the same school enhanced them socially at the expense of their education. which would imply that you had opportunities to develop both aspects
    out of curiosity, what kind of a scientist are you. it sound a bit strange to hear one describe themselves as just a “scientist” without specifying their specialism.

  23. Doesn’t it all boil down to the whole nature vs nurture debate. School just brings out nascent innate aspects of yourself.

  24. or maybe its just the adoloscent years that bring out these aspects and we just happen to be in school during that period

  25. Zoology!!! I benefited from Catrall’s guidance. That woman had so much faith in me. I think it had something to do with me being in Tuli (the loser house with the red shirts. That is the last time I let someone drag me to the team where my cousin was. Should have gone with the other cuz).

    Oh, and when I say scientist, I ain’t practising professionally. Am just someone who is always mindful of the way of the universe and reads Newscientist every week.

    And as for my disability, I see it as there are people whose nature is suited and augmented by high school. Others should be put into some environments with care. Otherwise, you end up with broken spirits. If I had gone to a school like my sixth form college where there was no pressure to fit in, then I am betting things would have been a whole load different. But you put an unstable spirit in an environment not able to care for it, you get Columbine and such.

  26. Lol anonymous, obviously you don’t know me at all. In Sixth Form I DID love girls, but smoking, drinking etc … no, not so much eh? JB ten years later, sure.

    Minnie, alcohol or no, it’s the company that makes any occasion.

    Gala, I agree with Elle that school just brings out what’s inside. If you couldn’t fit in, that’s you. Inotambika.

  27. Moving on to weightier matters, for those in Zim, is the pre-runoff violence as bad as it is being reported in the press? And is anyone taking any bets yet as to the length of delays for the results?

  28. It’s nice to be so loved. Thank you guys. Proper is not an absolute. JB knows I talk in jest and proper is what is used by peeps to refer to established schools that have maintained shit. If you ask me I will put a lot of your private schools (excludinf the mafikizolos like St Johns) and include PE, Gina (aka St. Nyoka), Kutama et aliter. What makes them proper for me is that they elicit so much love and respect from the old boys and this flows back into the school.

    regarding being a minority in school. When I was in junior school I didn’t know any better. There were 6 darkies(3 bleks and 3 bunjis) in a class of 24. When I started high school it was 70-30 white-black when I left it was 60-40 black-white. I was a selector for the Harare Schools U13 and was surprised how the demographics are now. Schools like Highlands, Alex Park are all black, St. John’s and Hellenic still mainly white, Hartmann House, Heritage and Gateway and half anf half with leanings to us darkies.

    Let’s not pretend our peeps are not very good organisers and that’s a fact. So Jo here’s one for you, your school is not proper because you didn’t/don’t make it so.

  29. Probably. So, Zimbabwean citizens, are people really getting whooped so much or is smoke being blown in our eyes over here?

    Oh, and I miss the numbers too, cuz now I can’t agree with Anonymous who, somewhere up there, observed the success of JB’s weepy love letter…

  30. Buffdaddy – I do my best to keep my school proper, but when you see the lack of will, not just on the part of the (almost ALL-black) parents, the educators and the ministry, there’s only so much the oldies can do. And yes, we’re doing it.

    Yes, people are getting whupped. Interesting trend though, over the last few days. ZBC news stories talk about ‘war vets’ being killed/assaulted by hordes of MDC thugs, and how 30 or 40 heavily-armed MDC thugs have been arrested after marauding … blah blah. They almost always follow the exact same pattern.

    The numbers are gone deal with it. Lol

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