Bringing sexy back!

Jameson High School 1st XV 1997

Wow. Know when a photo just brings back a flood of memories? This was taken in Durban, outside the Pirates club on North Beach.

That was one hell of a rugby tour, and loads of fun was had. I can’t believe I was that young once, all innocent and handsome. A little cocky too, head tilted to the side and shit.

For those who don’t know, I’m in the middle of the pic, 5th from left in the front row.

Recognise, fools!

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  1. you sure you didnt break your neck with that head tilt thats what we looked like when we was 18

  2. You sure were one sexy SOB (so they said). Though, in those days, ‘sexy’ was strictly PG13 (seeing as I was 13). I remember your girl and her friends raving about you and your lot before you came back for Lower 6. It was a tad anticlimatic when I realised that your lot was mainly a bunch of pretty boys (e.g. You, Tigz) compared to the brutes (that the Upper Sixies were) I had come to like (e.g Arthur Mutambara and that guy from starr who went out with Nokthula/Chengetayi or the guy who used to wear blue tinted glasses). I even remember that you were always on the inside edge in assembly (due to circumstances beyond your control). I think the juniors also thought you were an ass. I know the girl you sent my baby sister to break up with definitely did.

    Also remember your graffiti for the Miss Jameson or something event.

  3. Hang on Tara, I sent your baby sister to break up with someone? I did a remote break-up? No way, NO WAY! πŸ™‚

    I was rather an arrogant bastardo at school, I’ll grant you that. But hey, I had every reason to be, isn’t? wink wink.

    Anyway, the ignorance of youth … we all grown and smart now. Sigh, the memories.

    Break-up by proxy? Surely not, who did I do that to?

  4. It wasnt just the juniors that thot JB was an ass. Everybody thot he was an ass. But he wasnt really an ass. I reckon JB was just ahead of his time

    See JB..I can play nice

    …and the break-up by proxy was acceptable at the time. and i’m not just defending it becoz i did it a couple of times πŸ™‚

  5. Hey sweetheart, shit happens. Anyway, I won’t believe it until Tara names names. Or initials, at least. Jog the memory, why don’t you? Cos I can’t believe I could ever be that cruel.

  6. JB, other than THAT ONE*, who were you with in Leander House (she could have been in Hoult) in Upper 6 (1997)?

    Had someone from Jameson visit the other day. Once the reminiscing started, it was as if I was there yesterday. All that smucking, disappointment, humiliation, war crying, Murwendo’s smut, Sango’s chain smoking just came flooding back.

    *She was something wasn’t she. But that’s old news now. Handitika? Seeing as you now in love ‘n’ all. Isn’t?! πŸ™‚

  7. Afternoon shenanigans in the upper 6 study made jameson worth it… everything else was jus lousy πŸ™‚

    JB, you were jus one full-of-shit oke!

  8. Oh right Tara, I hear you now. *sigh* those were the days. Strangely, I don’t hang out with anyone from the old days. Guess they’re scattered to the four winds, but it’s cool.

    Oh high school, don’t we just varnish the good memories and forget the bad? I love it.

  9. Oh Tara, dear, let it go … he won’t reveal himself, you’re his muse, his delicate flower, his infinite mystery … let it go.

  10. Joe. Stop. Please, you’re embarrassing me.

    But seriously, couldn’t you just narrow it down. Like which year was he in form 4? Was he a jock/fed/border? Give me something! Please! πŸ™‚

  11. I take it this photo was taken some ten years ago. I cant help but make parallels with GM. It too was cocky ( head tilted n al) and featured in the top 5 companies in the world. Ten years later its been disgraced, now in bankruptcy etc…

  12. Sorry Tara, just thought I’d make you blush a little. Dunno if Mos Chav is up to being exposed though … exposed? Well, maybe not exposed, I’m sure his gf helps with that, but, you know what I mean.

    A-C M. Well, over 12 years, so yes, it’s a long time, but actual I’m not disgraced yet. Maybe haven’t fulfilled my potential, but far from disgraced. Not yet, anyway.

  13. @JB – “you’re his muse, his delicate flower, his infinite mystery …”

    OMG, thats exactly what was on my mind πŸ™‚

    @A-CM – ..LOL.. your analogies are the stuff of legends; nah, JB is far from disgraced. Anyone who can goch and watch SS1 over lagers in Zim in 2009 is far from lousy in my books…lol..

    @Tara – but *babes*; if I turn out to be the lousy geek would that be the end of us? Or the mysterious, uber suave, uber cool, Devante that the Leander girls whispered about and the Hoult girls peeked at, would that heighten things betwixt us?
    Or maybe I just know a bit about Sine Metu…hmmm…

  14. once again passed through your dusty town this weekend. went to skies – a little less dusty but dusty. holiday inn is crap. couldn’t find a decent place in the whole town to have a coffee and read the papers

  15. I haven’t been to Skies in … what, a year maybe? More than that, if I remember the last time I drove to Falls correctly.

    Think I’m due a nice long trip … Chegs, Skies, Falls, JoeHoneysBurg.

  16. @ Tara, you seem to have been so much in people’s business. Did you ever have your own business to worry about? just wondering? you sound like a trade union activist.

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