Call me the Portugeezer

Alright, geezers, what did you get up to this past weekend? I, shockingly, was taken clubbing by me mates at Mambo on Friday night, which perfectly set me up for the braai on Saturday, which was excellent, and the football, which was freekin wonderful!

So Ingerlund got bumped out of yet another major competition? Who cares? All the geezers on that cold island and around that world, that’s who. And who did they lose to? MY TEAM! Portugal. My investment is intact. I might have picked a winner. Go, you good things go!

SO all things said and done, it was a really productive weekend. Good times with my friends, great football, a few beers and large quantities of roasted meat.

What’s that? Dynamos lost? Who cares, PORTUGAL WON!!!

17 Replies to “Call me the Portugeezer”

  1. you r the portuguezer but france will teach u a lesson the way we taught brasil

  2. Haaaahaha Joe I bet you wrote that comment yourself, all your stories are about beer and sports what’s so interesting?

    Write something for us girls for once.

  3. Tino, if you want something said, write it yourself and send it to joe at rustygate dot org. Or even suggest a topic to me and I’ll look into it and do what I can.

    I aim to please (you should know that, hehe) 😉

  4. U two still love each other methinks why not get married and get it over with, hmm

  5. I was about to commit suicide and then I read your blog – now I want to live forever. Thnx Joe Black

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