So it’s finally over, then?

This may seem a little late, but due to Zimbabwe OffLine I haven’t been able to post it for days. Thanks ZOL!

The bloody FIFA World Cup. Flags, floosies, footballs and, of course, flops. Yep, it’s finally over, a whole month of joy and pain and hangovers and missed expectations and beers and hugs and late nights and hangovers again. And bloody Portugal are STILL surrender monkeys who couldn’t beat a cheating housewife, let alone the French national team.

Oh yeah, so Italy won. Who gives a feck? Definitely not I, cos I backed what appeared to be a winning horse, yet turned out to be “The Most Entertaining Team” at the finals yet failed to beat bloody Barthez. Crap and crapolla, I say. Bring on the Tri-Nations, let’s see the All Blacks beat the crap out of SA and Oz in every game they play. Uh-oh, famous last words.

And another thing: what the hell did Marco Materazzi say to Zidane to warrant a…chest-butt? What the hell was that all about? “Your granny”, maybe?

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  1. Joe Black, it is a well known fact that whatever team u bet on will lose. Dont know why u are suprised!!!!!!! Yes enough of this soccer nonsense, bring on the rugby. Thanks to Zinedine for adding some entertainment to what would have been a bloody boring 30mins of extra time

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