Chivas is not water, my friend


Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka were on the HIFA main stage last night, my friend.

The show was awesome, and Zexie Manatsa’s kid was on the lead guitar, and mfana akapenga shamwari.

They shared the stage with Zubz, who I must say is a very talented rapper in my opinion, my friend.

Tony and I finished a bottle of Chivas in the process, and I’m currently feeling the results, my friend.

That, my friend, was one of the best HIFA shows ever.


4 Replies to “Chivas is not water, my friend”

  1. extremely good value. guys got skills and thensome. Tendai Manatsa knows how to handle every bit of that there geeetar.

  2. After your exploits on Saturday this should be expanded to Johnnie (not Joe) Black is not water, neither is red, blue or green.

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