I got a story to tell

It’s not water, my guys.

Say a young man goes out on a Friday night, does HIFA, Symphony, Liquid Lounge and Stars.

Say this young man doesn’t drink whisky, but has decided to have at it cos it’s party weekend.

Say he drinks not just whisky, but brandy and (many) beers as well.

Say this young man (in his wisdom and against advice) drives his car around from venue to venue, then decides to head home at around 5 in the morning.

Said young man takes a wrong turn (allegedly) into the wrong apartment building, and gets to someone’s flat, tries the door, finds it unlocked, proceeds to enter, walks past a sleeping couple in the lounge, heads upstairs to the bedroom, takes off his shoes, lifts the covers and finds another couple sound asleep.

Does pandemonium ensue? Does the guy in his flat go ape-shit? Do the cops get called? Is the young man accused of thievery and tossed into the cells, only to be released close to mid-day?

Would you consider this young gentleman to be lucky he wasn’t shot dead or otherwise repelled as any intruder would?

Should this young man ever drink again?

16 Replies to “I got a story to tell”

  1. Say if this story is a true one… this young man should not touch alcohol for a while and count himself lucky else he would have beaten to a pulp….

  2. I would have bashed his head in with a baseball bat… Then called the police…

    He is one lucky fkr…

    He should stick to milk and cookies…

  3. I would have personally bashed him with the old table leg I keep under my bed … this fucker wouldn’t have made it out alive.

    In further details, apparently sleeping guy began interrogating his sleeping partner as to whether she knew the young man or not.

    I also wonder …

  4. Me thinks it’s possible these sleeping guys picked some dodgy chicks and took them home for entertainment … that would explain the couple in the lounge.

    It would also explain the unlocked door …

  5. What? No Pics?

    So who had the Downey Jr moment? I can’t tell if this is strictly rhetorical or fact.

  6. like Jesus walking on water. All disbelief must be checked at the door.

    Although knowing drunkenness from a distance, I fail to see how he managed to drive around as far as he did, but didn’t have enough presence of mind to realise that he was in the wrong apartment. Because surely you must sense that the surroundings are not familiar to you, especially in H, where buildings are significantly dissimilar to each other. My inquisition-style list could go on. There are some truths that have not been revealed in this story.

  7. the young man should continue drinking – so we can hear more of his war stories.

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