Crisis? What crisis?

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As you probably know, we are having a whale of a time here in sunny Zimbabwe. We seem to have a crisis, with the leader of the opposition Zanu-PF appearing to subvert the (apparent) will of the people.

I’m not gonna say much about it at this time, at risk of getting my testicles fried. But all I can say is this.

The people of Zimbabwe better win the Nobel Peace Prize for 2008.

10 Replies to “Crisis? What crisis?”

  1. I like the fact that George Chiweshe and cohorts have stopped issuing any kinds of statements. This is definitely not a case where no news is good news.

  2. And Thabo describes the situation as ‘manageable’. We must have very different definitions of the term ‘manageable’. Unless by that he means that zanu is still in a position to orchestrate the results to their benefit.

    My question about this recount: how can you recount something that has not been released yet? Are they expecting us to believe that they are going to recount the EXACT same votes coz then they would really be taking us for fools.

  3. For real, Zimbos need recognition. If this was Kenya, cribs’d be burning by now lol.

  4. You see, that is how they get people. String you out for so long you get fed up and you stop feeling ithat anger and feeling any kind of righteous indignation, just a careworn bone weary resignation. That is why status quos are propagated.

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