Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Part 3

What more do you have to do? You’re Steven Gerrard, you cut through the middle, suck in two defenders and slide it through to your striker running into the six-yard box. Unfortunately, that striker’s name is Peter Crouch.

A dodgy first touch, a shot straight into the keeper’s legs, and you wonder what sort of striker fluffs an opportunity like that? I wonder sometimes, watching other teams play, including Benfica, what the difference between their front line and ours is? It’s mystifying. Are we really that crap?

If Crouch had taken that chance, that easy, glorious, on-a-silver-platter chance, things would have been so different.

But they’re not. We are crap, and we’re out. So long bragging rights.

13 Replies to “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Part 3”

  1. I saw that coming, sorry doll better luck next time. who did liverpool lose to this time?

  2. what u actually thought boserfool would attempt to retain that trophy. U shall be waiting another 15 years before u see that trophy again

  3. You will have to wait for another pope to die, the Aussies to lose the ashes and wat else oh yah and for a royal wedding……. Aaaaaah BENFICA OHOHOHO BENFICA OHOHOHO

  4. Unlike Utd, we dont wait for miracles…………its just pure natural skill. Watch next season as we win two trophies including Premiership

  5. Oh yes Trevor, nice….”next season” how long u guys been saying that? Just like us.

    Ko how come you’ve been so quiet, trev? Someone keepin you busy? 😉

  6. I told u this year wasnt our year, my friend whilst I may be staunch UTD fan I can be honest. As for being kept busy, well yes actually Tshiamo & I have been bonding quite a bit oh of course work just doesnt seem to ever stop

  7. Still cant understand how Arsenal have made it this far, but maximum points for effort to benfica

  8. Glad to see you’ve been bonding with TD, but he wasn’t exactly the ‘someone’ I had in mind, and you know that.

    No consolation in that Chelsea are out, for me, cos they’re really meaningless. I mean who cares about the fortunes of another team? Except the Arse, we’ll see how far they get but that Henry guy is playing ball.

  9. dont be cheeky now. It would be as funny as Boserfool winning the Champions League if the Arse made it thru to the final. As for the someone u talk of, I know not what you mean

  10. There is a law against what you are doing my friend, causing alarm & dispondency. Besides u know my motto, deny until u convince the other person that they were imagining things. Did u lose your phone again, tried to call u all weekend for some scuds but eish…….

  11. My phone is not working, true. You cld have called Mel,she was aware of my comings and goings. So are these scuds still available, or is mission over?

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