Crutching tiger, hidden dragon

So apparently one of my knee ligaments slipped out of place or something, and She had to rush me to Avenues Clinic early in the morning cos I couldn’t walk or bend my knee.

Firstly, it’s not fecking Grey’s Anatomy, and if you have a vision of Her car screeching up to the ambulance entrance and a troop of nurses and doctors rushing out with gurneys and such, yelling at each other about drugs and procedures and ORs, get it out your mind.

In retrospect, the guys in Casualty treated me as well as I could expect, and I guess three hours for an examination, injection, x-ray, bed, diagnosis, strapping and discharge isn’t actually bad. All with a flourish of the CIMAS card, as well.

Anyway, according to the doc, one of my ligaments “got slack”, so he prescribed me a course of (really strong, gnarly) painkillers and a visit to the ortho. Now here I lie, a week off work, my Nurse making spag and meatballs, an $80 (hinged) brace on my knee, crutches within reach and up to the gills in awesome drugs.

Pain is good, right? It means I’m still alive.

8 Replies to “Crutching tiger, hidden dragon”

  1. Get better soon dude. obviously not too soon because we must maximise the current heightened TLC.

  2. OUCH! Oh my, at least you’re on the mend hun. 3hrs isn’t bad at all, i’m almost impressed actually.

    Tell HER i say to pamper you rotten 🙂 Happy weekend!

  3. I know, right?! JB has been triggering quite a few of these lately, handitika Mos Native? First the tum thing, now the leg business. What next?

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