Danger Fourpence and other stories

So, my beloved DeMbare took on CAPS yesterday….and lost. 2-1 to those bastards? I mean come on lads, what does a guy have to do? Like, if you play like boozers, you get whipped like boozers.

Never mind the fact that we scored first, nor that CAPS were sporting names like Danger Fourpence in their line-up (take that, Andy) – we still couldn’t beat the bastards. Sometimes it fecks you off, I tell you it really does?

On a happier note, Liverpool won, Cisse finally figured out what he’s paid to do thank gawd. And did you see Chelsea? How’s that little Portugeezer to switch to 3-3-4 at half-time? I mean, if you’re Big Sam, what are you gonna do? Yep, they scare me, they really do, and no I don’t see either Arse or ManUre making any headway – is my million dollars ready, AT?

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  1. Eh Rooney had a good wknd… I dnt see an acknowledgement of this in your sport brief. And yah Chelsea is just too much… I hate them.

  2. What are you failing to say about Alan Smith boy, that boy is a fantastic footballer. One has to give it to Leeds, they sure to groom them. Alan will be the next Eric Cantona.

    I reckon teams in the premiership should abandon trying to win the league & rather focus on developing the youngesters for next year as well as the various boards appoininting new coaches!

    As for your dembare, it was bound to happen one of these fine days. The only competition they have is chikwata.

  3. You know there’s nothing I hate more than predictability – these guys are running away with it and everyone else is sitting back and saying, well, we’ll develop and see them next year.

    How many managers in the Prem have the balls to take on Chelsea with a 4-3-3? Or even just to go in without 4-5-1? Even Lord Ferg has fallen into that trap. Gawd, how I wish for the days ManUre had balls…remember Yorke and Cole up front?

    Anyway, I dislike the idea that we’ll see next year, someone needs to stand up to that team and say, right, up yours, we’re fookin avoiding Essien, chase the fookin ball, three up front, have a go. My money’s on West Ham 🙂

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