A Bright Red Gum-Chewing Scotsman etc

So, I watched a lacklustre and disorganised ManUre trying hard not to lose to Lille last night – how crap are they, eh? Somebody just put Lord Ferg out to pasture, cos if it was a gum-chewing competition, Fergie and Scholes would have strolled through it 🙂

And how’s that little henry chappie? Bloody heck, he’s a little genius, he is. Bet all the Arses out there are pleased with themselves. Back to ManUre, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that young Ronaldo boy is the future of football. He’s sharp, but he’s also got a bit of cheek in him – that needs to get out of the way fast.

Look at all the greats – Zidane, Pele, Rivaldo, Figo, Zola…they just got on with business, none of this faffing about that Ronaldo and that Thug Baby get up to. Well, I suppose the Gazzas and Viallis of this world did give it some stick, but hey, they were legends. These are still wannabes.

Behave yourselves, laddies, and you may be great one day.

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  1. Ha by thug baby I assume you mean Rooney haha. Tell us what is happening on the streets of Harare, darling. I hear maprices go up every day, that may be a good topic. Unondiziva kuti thats what I worry about

  2. The only time I hear from you Tino is when you swing by my website, hoo nhai? You ManUre boys are so optimistic, Trev obviously didn’t watch the game.

    The streets of Harare are hot, in more ways than one…

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