Dude! Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude!

Liverpool’s defence sucks, dude. I mean, jislaik dude, I could drive a double-decker bus between our center halves and they still wouldn’t notice, dude.

I mean, really dude, our defence is so bad, we gave Arshavin the ball so much against Arsenal, dude must have felt like he was at tennis practice and that machine was lobbing balls over the net at him, dude.

Dude, we can’t expect to win any titles with our defenders (and defensive mids) giving the ball away so easily, dude. It’s all well and good having a lively and enthusiastic attack, but without a vigorous and robust defence you’re nothing, dude.

But dude, seriously dude, that Arshavin is something special innit?

But Torres is king, dude. Torres is king.

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  1. Eh, don’t be so partisan dude, just cos you’re a hater doesn’t mean you have to ignore the good stuff you see. Admit it, Liverpool is the most entertaining team out there!

  2. of coz it is the most entertaining team ,what else do you expect from a team which trains ne slug(mini soccer)dude

  3. crucial points dropped. But still,the team has developed belief and workloads on attacking front more evenly shared, as evidenced by number of games Torres and Gerrard have missed. Still, team has moved forward from prior years…YNWA

  4. Yeah, what a game. Liverpool now has two contenders for Game of the Season, there’s that one epic with Chelsea, and now this shocker with Arsenal.

    Arshavin packs a shot though, left foot AND right. Amazing.

    As for us, we picked the wrong time for defensive frailties, and I’m afraid they’ve cost us.

  5. but JB you dint even mention little Gibbs.if loserfool had not woken up in the second half you’d be singing a different song dude – you shall forever walk alone

  6. Alright Mrs, that Gibbs boy saved your team, I admit. That Torres header was headed into the nets, but really all he had to do was stand there and let his head hit it out!

  7. strangely, no mention on the gate, of a perfectly onside Bendtner goal ruled out.

    5-4 to the arse anyone?…

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