Econet Are Shit


So why the feck should I bother to text STOP to 34443?

Econet just changed the name of the promotion to GOAL instead of WIN, yet I thought the STOP would stop all promotional SMS.

This is bullshit. I’m tired of this network and all their nonsense shenanigans. Promotions should be opt-in, not opt-out.

In fact, a while ago they told me, even by phone call, that I would never receive ANY promotional texts again. Ever.

My number had been removed from the system, apparently.

But obviously this hasn’t been the case, so basically Econet Wireless representatives lied to me.

I have complained vehemently every time I’ve received promos since, but the most I’ve gotten are empty promises and whichever fool admins their Twitter account saying “Please DM us your number so we can call you”.

I am tired of this nonsense, and having the gall to make some woman phone me and tell me lies about my number not receiving promo SMS ever again, well that’s just the kind of bullshit I’ve come to expect from Econet.

That’s unacceptable.

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