Eish, me I went to a gig ek se

disco ballSo isn’t we went to the Coca-Cola DJ Party at HIFA last night.

So wasn’t the joint even packed, with I scheme half the city there to bop the night away?

You ek se, these DJs were there scratching the items like there’s no tomorrow, I tune you that DJ Pacman from Switzerland or wherever, the ouen is bad ek se.

So isn’t we all had a good time, I tune you. She had to leave early though, so isn’t when the time came to seriously pull muscles I was by my pat. That’s usually a visa isn’t, but me I was tired ek se.

Me I scheme H-town is still booting, ek se.

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  1. so tune us about the honeyz ekse, were they booting? (only if she isnt reading of course) 😉

  2. eish jo bro, tht kich u were rollin with on sat was tite, i even sms’d Andy, no offence bt this is exacvtly wat i said: ” joeblack akakecha”

    it’s too bad she left early though, coz u looked lonely after she was gone ek se!!

  3. Ah you ek se aefro chicque the honeys were tight in the joint, the whole joint was full of tight items isn’t.

    But jigga bra, what’s up with bvondoraring the other ouen even, bra me I’ll be pulling secret items ek se.

    But isn’t ndini ndakakechwa (yes, she is reading this)

  4. no, the kich wasn’t from cousin’s. she stays very close to cousin’s though:-).
    Squire: YOU KNOW HER!!
    jo i wanna roll with u this weekend, maybe u can introduce me to her friend(s) neh!

  5. Gala, I am shocked at you! (theatrical gasp). only I am allowed to wallow in the gutter and resort to tawdry innuendo, but welcome, always nice to have one more in the neighbourhood :))

  6. So you were during the durings in H-Town ekse. So you still during the durings with that during from the Avenues!! You hve been during with her for a span now!

  7. LOOL AT, the during left before the durings so Joblack ended up not doing any durings unless he went to cousins after HIFA!!!

  8. LOOOOLOLOLOLOOOOL vanhu imi munopenga.

    Ek se, can we even just drop the other nyaya, isn’t the during is reading the item

  9. HUH??? What the hell m*th*r f*ck*rs??? Can someone please translate all the above for me? You lost me at EK SE. Put a girl out of her misery, FAST! Please 🙂

  10. after all that, can the allegation that the during in question hails from cousins be confirmed

  11. So isn’t Gala you’ve never rapped with the Arcadians before?

    Squire, the item is that same other item isn’t, the one I’ve been dealing with all this time.

  12. Ivo ana sista venyu vemunohwandisa ava ,muchavaona vakechwa ne mutop face wako one day (pronounced hwan dheyi) asingaziva kuti pa amai bhoyi pakatoghadwa nakare. Muchisotaura mazita nekutumidzira ma foto pikicha snep shot kadhi kuti munhu wese azive kuti apo hapaendwi.

  13. ndimi vetinozoverenga mu Kwayedza kuti munhu azvisungirira pamberi pemba ye small house nekuti small house yawanikidzwa iine chikomba. Idzo nyaya dzenyu dzekubata bata dzichakuvirisai mudondo.

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