Frozen like a deer in the headlights

Mel and I went to the Avondale flea mart to return a dodgy DVD she bought. Granted, buying anything from the AFM is a risk in itself, but in this case it was to replace someone else’s dodgy DVD that she broke.

I digress. This girl was pi-issed, and then the dude at the stall started trying to be clever. Sister, saka mati toita sei? Uhm, can I give you 1,2? No, I want my 1,5. The look on this boy’s face, if he wasn’t a con artists I would surely have pitied him, but he was, so I didn’t.

Looked like a scene was brewing, and I was standing there eagerly waiting for Mel to tjoon him. But this guy was a pussy, man, pulled out a wad of 50s and paid her off. And still he looked stunned.

Lesson for the day: woman pissed off? always back down, homie.

14 Replies to “Frozen like a deer in the headlights”

  1. Wow I cant remember the last time I went to that place, remember when we used to go for beef curry lunches from those colored ladies?

    Fear the angry woman.

  2. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (or short-changed in this case). Nothing like a tongue lashing to beat down a brother to act right! Go Mel!!

  3. Tino, it’s more sadaza nenyama now at the AFM than curry and rice. But those were the days, that was some darn good eatin’!

    I ain’t scrrrd of no girl. What? Want a pice of me?

  4. so that dust that’s choking the rest of us, that’s not from your lil girlie legs scarpering off into the middle distance is it then Joe?

  5. What’s there to be scared off? And, uhm, who told you I had girlie legs? I’ve had nothing but positives regarding my legs thank you very much!

  6. Thanks for defending my honour Tino, but I didn’t need it becos aefro-chicque is only a girl! And I ain’t scrrrd of no girl!!!

  7. wazzzaaaaaap long time no speak/hear/see peeps. when did joe get lovely legs i do’t rememba them bein all that. jes kiddin love you lucky you all warm there I’m freezing my ass off

    chicks rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’ve seen you in shorts before Joe, Saturday afternoons at the keg. I’m sure you were told that your legs were lovely from the same people who told you that ‘size doesn’t matter’ and that ‘don’t worry, it happens to everybody sometimes’.

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