Ode to being white II

Not only am I coming back as white, I’ve narrowed down the specifications to being blonde as well. As if further evidence was needed of how far removed white people are from the real world, I had the following conversation this past weekend.

(Scenario, this white chick has just told me that she is going for an adoption interview)

Chick: So I’ve got my adoption interview tomorrow

Me: Oh, I didn’t know that you wanted to adopt kids.

Chick: It’s not kids, it’s kittens.

Me: (bemused frown crosses my brow)

Chick: But I don’t like cats

Me: But you are adopting kittens

Chick: Yes

Me: (further bemused frown. thought bubble: if you don’t like cats, but you are adopting kittens, what do you think kittens grow to become.)

What sort of argument do you come up with to counter that sort of logic? For all the stupidity that I have exhibited in the past, I am not actively dumb nor consistently stupid. This is the sort of thing that just begs for crucifixion – kinda like putting a dumb animal out of its misery.

4 Replies to “Ode to being white II”

  1. eish, and these are the people responsible for running the world. Makes you wonder.

  2. hahaha who says mavheti are responsible for running the world? without hip-hop there would BE no world

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