feck you, 2010

I’m not going to mince my words. I don’t know what went on in your life this past year. I don’t know what you achieved or what you failed, what you gained or what you lost – I just know one thing.

2010 sucked.

My personal goals were all fecked. It was like a conspiracy. My travel plans never materialised, my relationship plans went to shit, personal development went down the toilet.

Professional goals? Forget about it. Circumstances conspired to severely curtail the expansion of my personal business. I did manage to initiate and complete a major project at work, but … I did my fecking job. That’s it.

I mean seriously, to miss a Football World Cup on my goddamn doorstep? Unforgivable.

Yeah, there’s nobody to blame but myself, so for 2011, it’s all about me. I’m looking out for number one, cos I’m tired of this shit.

Watch out.

3 Replies to “feck you, 2010”

  1. hey dont be hard on yourself. Dont worry just pray about it, ask for God blessing for 2011 is going to be fantastic.

  2. Oh don’t worry, had to get that off my chest, it’s always good to vent. Now the optimism begins, fuelled by two weeks of leave.

    Yes, I’m gonna work out.

  3. 2010 really does suck. Just wrote a brilliant long ass post here and my browser did something and now I cant retrieve what I said. Mind, could be the fates’ way of telling me ‘too much information’. Bottom line was 2010 sucked and I choose to blamed everyone else.

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