Funny how time flies…

…when you wish you were having fun, and you think you’re not, but you actually are. Cryptic? Read on, be educated.

See, I thought my weekend was going crappily. Saw my niece and nephew Friday night. No beer. Had a problem with Andy’s car on Saturday morning, then hung out with the neighbours watching telly, then watched DVDs at home. No beer.

Sunday, chilled at home, watched more telly (including Liverpool winning and a Peter Crouch goal), then that Tom Hanks movie The Terminal, then went to bed. No beer.

In retrospect, I actually had a jolly good time. Doing nothing. With no beer, hardly any ciggies and zero sex. Wonder of wonders 🙂

11 Replies to “Funny how time flies…”

  1. reading Tino’s comment u had obviously led the nation that u were not part of the brokeness that typifies the country

  2. No trevor I just don’t remeber him being one of the nation of brokeness. I suppose it catches up to all of us some time.

  3. its 1230pm & u still havent made mention of Boserfools 7 – 0 victory defeat. Is everything ok mate? Every other Boserfoolian is gloating about beating Birmingham City so why arent u

  4. Well, we beat useless Bongo FC, and Crouching Tiger scored two, so I’m still building my courage.

    Besides I was Elle would do the crowing but she’s AWOL ek se!

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