How the other side live

Apparently those of us who live in Avondale stay in the Wrongdale, cos from what I saw on Friday night, life in Borrowdale is good.

Hit the Scud and Donkey with a couple of friends, on our way to The Mysterious Room 10. Only mystery was I’d never been there before, so my mates decided to show me how the other side live. And just get me out of the Nanny, thank gawd. The Scud was alright, vamwe varikunakirwa vakomana, but I won’t mention names. Then we went to the so-called Ten Rooms.

It’s like walking into a music video, really. I got the sense of a shift to the surreal, like having scratched the fabric of time and entered a parallel universe. These people were all rigged up and shit, hip hop gear everywhere, the little girls in what seemed obligatory spaghetti top, teeny-skirt and those fecking knee high boots that are all the rage. And try as I might, I couldn’t find a SINGLE UGLY GIRL.

Not that I was searching for one, but they all seemed…strangely like the girls in a music video! At least when we finally had enough and went to Club Mambo we saw a more representative cross-section of urban society. Read that: at least I saw more of my fellow lower-middle-class citizens.

Still, the bottom line is that it’s just another pub: it just happens to be in Borrowdale Brooke. And to us Ordinary Joes, that’s a whole new world.

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  1. Do you mean you couldn’t find an ugly girl who was single, or just one ugly girl.

    Fetishes are weird things arent they darling?

  2. Just been reading , the stuff posted …. I must say Joe Black,
    You are a nutter I mean seriously you must have been dropped as a kid coz the things you come up with are crazy. Any how I will give you this you are funny!!! Gave me a bit to laugh about this morning ….Great site

  3. Bhawa ….very original guys seriously , you two should get noddy badges 🙂

    Joey how are you doing today !! …

  4. why don’t joe and kitkins just get a room, and then maybe that’ll be something worth watching. I think it was Jose who called it voyeurism.

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