Getting the hell out

Yeah, I think I’ve arrived at that stage in every Zimbabwean’s life where I look around, dig deep inside and ask myself that age-old question: should I stay or should I go?

I’m tired, peeps, dead tired. Of the runaround, the rat race, the drama (oh, the drama) and the all-round EXCITEMENT associated with being a resident of Hahahaharare, FCOSA*. I’m not really gonna dwell on the reasons here (do I have to?), but I feel more like examining the options, i.e. – where to now?

I wanna go the islands, man. Sun, sea, sweating away doing menial jobs in some hurricane-prone corner of the world…very appealing. In fact, I can actually see myself traipsing down some forlorn beach, camera in one hand, fruity alcoholic bev in the other, swilling the days away, shaggin out the nights.

Dreams? feck, yeah. Okay, probably Unit K. Or Unit S. Even South Africa (at last resort, really), just ANYWHERE but here. Like I said, I’m tired.

Watch this space. Actually, you know in a year I’ll be here, writing the same shit, whining away as any good Zimbo does best. A luta continua.

*FCOSA – Fun Capital of Southern Africa, dumb-ass.

35 Replies to “Getting the hell out”

  1. Leaving your comfort zone is always a tough decision, but with the number of fawyn looking ladies I have seen/met……….I aint complaining. Oh yes Joe my digits are *** *** ****.

    The islands………….a definite yes, if u can fly there without Blair & his gay gansters accusing 60 year old women of being a danger to everyone’s life

  2. Dude, you put your number on the internet! I told ya to mail ot to me, hehehe. Anyway, removed it now.

    So you meeting some nice things, eh? Kid in a candy store…

  3. Look dude, I cant help it if people want me for my body…………..and what better place to market yourself except on the internet?????

  4. desperate enough for fat, bald 45 year old afrikaaner to give you a call? thats what will happen

  5. hey JoBlack hows it? dude i am surprised you are nt decided about where to go! zvandiri kuona this side of the limpopo has convinced me this is the place to be. the women here are FYNE and they are blessed with big behinds, am sure trevor and Andyt will second that! even in the ghetto bro the chicks are still tite. was in soweto on sat by nambithas, oh my oh my it was better than room ten chyna!

    trevor i dont know wat happened to ur number, i think i got it wrong so call me on oops i dont know my number, well andy t has got it.

    i went to divine lounge last nite and it was soo whack compared to the last time i was there. its now more like circus, tired chicks and too many guys. Horror cafe was aite though and i met a nigerian chick. .

    tino when can you take me around, we cud do a beer or cofee instead:-)

  6. ok my number is 072 547 7772. joblack dont delete it, i know i am advertising. am leaving on sunday anyway so its kool!

  7. You said it, honey, not me. Kidding.

    Jigga you havin fun I see, you comin back after the weekend? I know it’s easier to jit RSA, but shaaz I want somewhere kwandinenge ndiri ndega muZimbo.

  8. no tino, i didnt say i want some. i said drinks or cofee as a fellow rustygate user. no offence meant but if u feel by tht invitation i am calling you a slut then my sincere apologies. i mite need to go for groomin lessons.

    JoBlack i am back on sunday afternoon! if u wanna go kwaunenge uri wega muzimbo i wud suggest Puerto Rico

  9. If you’re going to be homeless, a warm safe place is the way to go. Mauritius is nice, and it’s close enough to home that should you need to go back, you’ll only have to do a couple hundred tricks to raise the funds. That’s my plan anyways.

  10. hahahahaha a couple of hundred trickss? that should be tight whats the use why not just go somewhere where you live on tricks

  11. I don’t know. She’s all quiet, not writing at all.

    Maybe she’s found some Mandingo over there…

  12. so Trevor, tell us how you are finding the Big Smoke. how is life down south treating you so far? I see a long article describing you getting up to all sorts of foolishness in Jozi

  13. In general I am having a ball of a time, still trying to figure out why u folk dont have give-way signs. I will be alot happier though when i find a pub where I can laugh when lungs out as the Boks lose (which is quite often) wthout queer looks from the afrikaner chaps. As for the alleged foolishness, it can only get worse. WOuld invite u for a coffee, but after midday I only drink lagers……besides u might accuse me of insinuating u are the village bike or something

  14. I can see Tino in a t-shirt. Village Bike. With a bike whose wheels cover the boobs. And on the back.

    I love you, Tino. *ducks flying objects*

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