Dear Violet Moyo, I’m your biggest fan

Alright, for those of you uninitiated in the pleasures of Violet Moyo’s music, I’m gonna educate your ass. So, there I was listening to Wedgie’s iPod when I came across some of the dumbest shit I’d ever heard, and asked him what the hell I was listening to?

Well, that was Violet Moyo, some dumb-ass, ghetto Zimbabwean chick overseas, who it appears happens to have both an internet connection and a microphone: the most lethal of combinations. Not sure if she’s ever been in a recording studio, info is scarce, but this chick is building a small and dedicated cult following.

Here’s a link to the esnips page where you can download 5 of her tracks (as mp3), or you can just go straight to her “homepage” (thanks Wedgie).

If there’s any more info on this female anywhere, please feel free to put in the comment area. Cos this is some funny shit.

NB: It looks like downloading from esnips is a painful process, I’m getting 1.8KBps on ZOL, so I’m considering putting her shit up here when I eventually get it all. For any of you who may have similiar trouble, anyway. Ain’t I nice?

13 Replies to “Dear Violet Moyo, I’m your biggest fan”

  1. Rite have just been litsening to Ms F,,n Violet Funnn Moyo…. Seriously speaking that chick needs to get shot, in fact no however assisted her in posting the crackling and screeching that she has dubbed music must also be shot. She could potentially start a civil war, with that type of noise.. Goosh She is more than terrible she is horrible….

  2. Hater alert! Hater alert! Kitkins babe, you gotta LOVE Violet Moyo, that’s what I call music πŸ™‚

    Trev, sho’ you right. Why don’t you mail me yours and I’ll give it to her.

  3. Is Trevor a serial killer? hm we dont know so send me his number I’ll consider taking for a drink

  4. Exactly, Vusa, but my batt was flat so I didn’t take it. Mail it to me please, since Trevor can’t be bothered.

    And so Tino can finally get some after years in the wilderness πŸ˜€

  5. violet, violet, violet
    man i juss got this song yake “crazy”, think she should have strapped herself into a stray jacket and turned herself mu rehab. I wish there were laws against being sooo musicaly challenged and then daring to step into a studio sounding like Macy Gray on crack, then Gnarls Barkley would sue her dumbass for such a violation in doing a remix…i mean isn’t a remix supposed to be made better than the original?…and her other song “nomore pain”…me o my has anyone ever felt soo much agony juss listinin’ to such BS.

  6. i was listening to crazy, i need a glass of whiskey on the rocks. wtf is that…
    oh yeah thts rite, i am back in 2006 bhebhi cmon, thts rite, violet moyo in the hse….

    ……bcoz my man is sorting me oooout. sorts me out day and niiiiite, we dont even have time to watch easteanders but its ok, coz i riri riri am going craaazy, ummm i am crazzzzy, i am crazy over you……..

  7. we all know she’s just having fun on the tracks, at least she’s bold enough to do it, errbody hits those notes in the shower or during—– yahhh, i quite like her music

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