Going Nowhere Slowly

So I’m sitting here watching the football friendly between South Africa and Zimbabwe. Go Warriors, go!

Firstly, can’t help but wonder if ZIFA skimped on travel costs by selecting a squad made up of mostly SA-based players. No shocks there, although I’m still wondering if Zhaimu Jambo deserves a cap.

Secondly, both teams are wearing Adidas kit, but SA are looking sleek and lithe, yet Zim are the usual deformed baggy Dickensian urchins we always are, and that kit looks like it was sewn together in some sweaty pit of despair in deepest darkest Djibouti.

Plus, the flags on the chest were slapped on kinda squank.

Thirdly, this stadium is pretty full for a fecking friendly, and it makes for a raucous atmosphere, with the usual intermittent hum of vuvuzelas in the background. Talk about atmosphere.

Oh well, seeing as I’m going back to work on Monday, I guess I’ll watch this game then the Manchester derby after (go City) – and see if I can down this bottle of Klipdrift.

I know, I know; feck my life.

5 Replies to “Going Nowhere Slowly”

  1. saw a bit of it. not a roundball game fan.

    majority of squad 10 out of 18 were from Zim with 8 from SA.

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