Spar Athienitis is a shitty Spar

I hate it when someone in a store acts like I’m privileged to be shopping there. This is an attitude I’ve come to expect from a few shops at Sam Levy’s Borrowdale.

But even shopkeepers in that tiny enclave of settler excess have come to realise that the customer is king, and we tend to be welcomed with (sometimes forced) smiles, and genuine customer service.

Not so much with Spar Athienitis.

I walked in there Sunday afternoon looking for something quick and dirty to chow, so picked up a box of Spar brand burgers and a bag of rolls.

At the till, I wasn’t surprised to see a difference in the sticker price and what was on the screen, but it was by TWO feckING DOLLARS!! So I tuned her, these burgers are supposed to be five bucks thirty, there must be a mistake, can you check at the fridge?

She gave me that look – you know it, the one people give when you’re really messing with their groove, like I was at fault and should just pay seven dollars for a box of generic burger patties!

Now, I know this happens, and I’m pretty used to till prices being different from sticker prices, but usually it’s dealt with timeously and courteously, because it’s an inconvenience to the goddamn customer, not the supermarket. Hell, one girl at Bon Marche Borrowdale even took my word for it and charged the price I told her was at the fridge!

Not the same at Spar Athienitis.

She half-heartedly calls for the supervisor/manager type (I think it was Mlambo) who didn’t appear at all interested, and went about his business by the next till without even seeming to acknowledge us and our half-hearted till operator.

That’s when it ended, and I just asked her to cancel the entire transaction, and we fecked off out of there. According to Minnie that kind of behaviour is not rare in Fife Avenue Spar (and being her local, she’d know) which leaves me wondering.

Whose money do they think is paying their salaries? Because once your staff start slipping, and your management starts slipping, believe me your profits are gonna start fecking slipping!

Needless to say I’ll be avoiding Athienitis with their high prices and shitty service, and continue spending my money where it’s appreciated.

Not at Spar Athie-fecking-nitis.

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  1. Here, you get that sort of BS, you email someone, and hey presto, you got yourself a voucher. Simples.

    Point, write a ‘I’ve been a loyal customer for 10yrs, and after my visit on such and such a day at such and such a time when….I will no longer be shopping there again if the treatment I received is what you consider customer service…’ You could get yourself a coupon, get some fucker repromanded or even fired but still never going back there, except to use up said coupon.

    They do that there in Zim, don’t they?

  2. Nah, that only happens in bars where you’re a regular. In my experience. Actually, I think the only shop that would do that is my Spar, Ballantyne.

    Mos Native, you’re welcome to bite.

  3. Sounds like you live in an island of perfection in comparison to Greece. Try any retail outlet over here and you will realise how lucky you are. Mind you isn’t Athienitis Greek ?

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