Going nowhere slowly

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Okay, I’m fecked off with Victoria Falls now. I’ve been here a month, and rather than being back in the comfort of my Scud and Nanny corner, shooting the shit, I’m here another two weeks.

Why? Cos the whole place is on a go-slow. An appointment seems to be a vague generalisation, taxis cost an arm and a leg, the Spar opens after eight and closes at five (seriously?) and the fecking 7-eleven is really an 8-seven!

Despite all the bullshit, it’s still my kind of town – laid-back and easy on the blood pressure. It’s like the goddamned twilight zone out here.

Why, oh why, didn’t I take the blue pill?

16 Replies to “Going nowhere slowly”

  1. Aren’t you a little young to be taking Viagra, hehehehe.

    Bra, do they have cash up there coz every ATM/bank in this town has no cash – i am livid!

  2. That hapns when you say something naughty and it has to be moderated 🙂 like V1agra, lol.

    The ATMs get some money during the day, and it empties right quick.

  3. Sounds like someone needs to take a long walk at the Falls. How is the water level these days? Are the showers still worth a brolly?

  4. LOL no it’s not a confession, just a funny cartoon. The water levels are low this time of year, when all the rainfall upriver starts coming down here around March-April, that’s when it’s huge.

  5. Elle, haven’t I introduced to one of my fave webcomics yet? xkcd.com babes, not to everyone’s taste but this guy has moments of genius!

    P.S. Turns out it’s not just one woman missing me …

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