18 Replies to “This is what I’m doin’ with my free time”

  1. Nyash! Hi my darling, you kill me. Alanis, I’ve decided to make lemonade, you know, instead of bitching to go home every day.

    And Elle … surely Rising Sun Land has rivers. Or ponds.

  2. Joe,

    I’m really worried about you. You look one trigger away from a nervous breakdown- the stress has really got to you.

    Seriously though, the place looks really chill. Give me some hotspots/ tips as I’ll be there on Jan. 27 and don’t have clue


  3. Hey Joe, when you go to the supermarket, you still have to wait around while someone keys in your items manually?

  4. Has anyone found a viable alternative for getting to the falls from H without dicing with death on one of those air scotch carts owned by Air Zim?

  5. iii handiti ana JB ndivana OPP. Saka you have to do the proverbial pissing on the tree to mark your territory.

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