Greatest song of all time of the day

Aretha Franklin – You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman).

No auto-tune. No funny engineering business. Just a woman, her voice and a song.

This is one of my all-time favourites, and I have to catch myself sometimes. Cos when a song really hits ya, when it touches ya, you just gots ta gots ta GOTS ta sing along!

And this is one song that a man just can’t sing along to. How do you get away with it?

But for an unsingable song, this song makes a brother feel good.


7 Replies to “Greatest song of all time of the day”

  1. Makes a brother feel good, huh?!

    Interesting. Has someone actually dedicated this song to you, JB? Or are you just hinting to someone that you’d really be touched if someone dedicated it to you? Or, does a brother automatically pretend that someone is saying it to them when they hear the song? Otherwise, that just leaves a bother who, on hearing the song (which probably is a beautiful song for some people), deludes themselves that the song is for them, because only then can a brother really feel good, which, in my book I find very presumptuous.

    Guess my very nitpicky point is that (theoretically because ‘I’d never’ because I hate that sort of cheeseyness) when I listen to Az Yet’s ‘Last Night’ I don’t get flattered. Because no one’s dedicated the song to me, the best I can muster is envy of the lucky bitch who inspired the song, or fantasise about someone (usually with a name) feeling that way about me.

    Just wondering!

  2. Sometimes I despair at your mumblings, Tara. Does someone have to dedicate a song to me for me to like it? Why does there have to be someone else involved?

    Listen, it’s just me loving the music. If it takes you having to feel something because of someone else for you to be touched by a song, I feel sorry for you.

    It must be sad being you.

  3. For JB, or any male really, to connect with that song on any level, other than simple appreciation of the composition, would be rather disconcerting.

  4. I understand what she’s saying, about loving it because it was dedicated to you. But not when she says you can love it ONLY if it’s dedicated to you.

  5. I aint saying to love it you have to have had it dedicated or something. Just saying to be so moved that one’s mood is uplifted takes more than just good music composition, especially when it comes to a song like this one which is probably in a minor key. Like Native said, only I think it applies to females too.

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