Give it horns, bru!

So I hear all these people blowing their horns against the vuvuzela. Really, you gotta stop.

FIFA thought about it last year, during the Confederations Cup in South Africa. Remember what happened? Public outcry, strike threats and racism accusations.

Now that the world has met the full force of the vuvu, there is a great outcry from all over the world. They’re loud, they’re killing atmosphere, we can’t hear the crowd, we’re watching games on mute.

You’re beating a dead donkey.

Some LOC people have stated the only way they’ll ban the vuvuzela is if it’s used as a projectile, so if one lands on the pitch, they may get banned.

Which has led to some (foreign) idiots trawling the internet trying to organise a mass vuvu toss, where they hurl the things onto a field during a game, so FIFA can ban them.

Yeah, that will work. Because your (pale lilly white) faces will be caught on camera, and the jig will be up. The vuvu won’t be banned, YOU will be banned and on the next flight out of Afreeka.

Sorry we can’t bring our clarinets and oboes to the games, that would bankrupt entire townships, chaps.

All we have is the vuvu, and I’m not putting mine down.

Also, you can call ME vuvuzela, cos if you blow me I also make a beeg sound.

In other news, am I the only one who thinks this World Cup should really be called Manchester City Summer Trials?

Just sayin’.

13 Replies to “Give it horns, bru!”

  1. Here here I love my kuduzela which is a vuvuzela shaped like a kudu horn (no pun intended)and held to the side. I must admit they have been banned in some shopping malls,pubs and restaurant but that’s understandable. We a have a large German community in my town and THEY are the worst offenders of that “nefarious” instrument.

  2. I must admit to not being a fan, I had one of those being blown into my ear and lost my hearing for days.

  3. Dont step into my crib and try rearrange my furniture. Idiots.

    And more importantly, what better way to tell if a hottie can put her lips to good use?

  4. The Vuvu is a great addition to the atmosphere at games.

    When it is blown well, people smile and cheer.

    When blown poorly, mostly by “(pale lilly white) faces”, people laugh, smile and cheer.

    They are getting blown everywhere and I’ve yet to hear a real complaint!

  5. Alias, the complaints seem to be coming from those watching on TV wherever they are around the world. Those of you in the actual grounds, well … dunno.

  6. @JB – voetsek/pfutseke! 🙂

    Those things are being blown everywhere! They’re an ‘asina ibenzi’ accessory right now this end.

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