Greatest Song of All Time of the Day

B.B. King and Eric Claption, “Come Rain or Come Shine”.

This song is a blues standard, but I think this particular rendition is the best. Two of the greatest guitarists of all time. Old B.B. all mellow voice and dulcet blues tones, Eric all raspy deep throat and twangy guitar pick.

The arrangement is beautiful, but what really gets me is where they shut up and just riff off each other in the middle – there’s nothing like hearing music played by the best in the business.

Good music.

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  1. FYI: People who love guitar hate Clapton. I think he’s alright, mainly because his stuff is playable for beginners. Wouldn’t go so far as to call him one of the greatest guitarists. Maybe one of the greatest BLUES guitarist, at a push, but even that’s questionable.

    While you’re still in the mood for blues, try:

    – ‘Stormy Monday’ by the Allman Brothers. Still can’t believe them dudes ain’t black. A beatiful song that takes you away and lands you in a bar with live music nursing a nice smooth single malt scotch on the rocks after your woman’s just dumped you.
    – ‘The Thrill is Gone’ for more BB. Classic!

  2. “People who love guitar hate Clapton” – qualify. That’s a pretty broad, sweeping statement, projecting the known views of your select few onto an untested demographic.

    In English – bullshit! This is the same Clapton who is FOURTH on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time list. Bullshit, Tara.

    Couching your personal opinion in broad, sweeping phrases to imply general consensus is fraud of the highest order, and I’ll gladly call you out on it. If you don’t like Clapton, say it, and don’t project it as accepted fact.

    Now, as for the other songs, the Allman Bros are okay, and anything by the King is awesome.


  3. Did you just google that, JB? So Rolling Stone is the shit when it comes to saying what’s what, huh?! I didn’t want to go into all this, but what the hell. To start, I said I thought he was alright. But I know that there are and have been so many guitarists who’d riff circles around your friend, Eric. He can play blues well, but there are those who can and have done it better. What Eric is, is the world’s greatest Opportunist, which is what peeps the music business resents about him. He has a long history of being in the right place at the right time, spotting and getting in with the right talents. He ain’t much of one to start his own thing, he has tended to ride in other’s wakes.

    But you know what, Rolling Stone is probably right. They never get anything wrong. Always consistent, fair and keep with the times.

  4. Which is what “peeps the music business resents about him” … ? What is that? You’re generalising. What peeps? Where? When?

    You can’t say that, I mean, what percentage of peeps in the music business who call him “Opportunist”? Yes, you did say he was alright but after you quoted “people” who “love guitar”. Have they been surveyed? All of them?

    That’s why I called your argument bullshit, because it’s unsubstantiated opinion presented as fact.

    As for Rolling Stone, I didn’t say they’re the arbiters of all things guitar, but they ARE a respected institution in the music biz, which you can’t deny.

    They’re also a respected publication and authority on rock music in general and guitar players in particular.

    I would gladly trust their opinion, and posit that it would be fairer and more balanced than others.

    Others being aspirational guitar students and journeymen commentators like you and me.

  5. Fine. I don’t want to play anymore. Not because you’ve proved your point (although point taken on my needing to think twice before taking you on), but because I dont have the constitution to fight this out. But, I implore you to consider the list compiled by Guitar World. Bearing in mind that the title in question is Greatest Guitarist (and presumably, the greatest possible is one could play anything), you really think Eric has enough range to have anything on those on the Guitar World list? I rest my case, albeit, a weak one. You fight a good fight, Black.

  6. Alright, so Guitar World have their own list. It’s not that I didn’t consider it, although I do have many back issues of Guitar World, I just default to Rolling Stone for a reference on how good I thought Eric was.

    Look, I don’t mind a difference of opinion. In fact, I quite welcome it. I’d just prefer we always clearly define our opinions as such, not as conventional wisdom.

    Sigh, anyway, I’d like to think we weren’t fighting, but debating vigorously. Always appreciated, Tara 🙂

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