Sam Mtukudzi RIP

Son of the great Oliver Mtukudzi, Sam passed away in a car accident early this morning.

Anyone who saw him perform will testify that this kid was destined for greatness, and not just on pedigree but on pure talent.

He was good with a guitar, but really shone on the saxophone, and you could tell that he had a bright future.

I had the chance to work closely with his dad when I was doing video engineering for him at the Media for Development Trust, and I got to know him as an immensely humble and proud father who constantly supported his son’s blossoming talents.

That such a tragedy should befall the first family of Zimbabwean music will be a reminder to all of use that our time is finite, and the ultimate cost can be paid anytime, anywhere.

Rest in peace Sam, and my heart goes out to the family who nurtured you, the father who groomed you and the country that loved you.

Time is short and life is precious.

5 Replies to “Sam Mtukudzi RIP”

  1. What a shame.l m so sory to the Mtukudzi is my prayer that may the Lord comfort you.

  2. Its so sad….so so sad……heartfelt condolences to the Mtukudzi family…..we indeed join them in mourning Sam and my his departed soul rest in eternal peace……I am lost for words….so so so sad.

  3. i dont even know where to begin i am overwhelmed with grief for the tuku family the influence that sam had on everyone made people feel the impact of his death its not something that we will forget any time soon.

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