Guess who’s back, back again?

So ManUre beat Chelsea, eh? I watched the highlights, and it looks to me like Les Bleus just didn’t have a clue on how to play them, especially Ronaldo….well done.

Wish I’d watched it, from what I saw it was played at breakneck pace, and I haven’t seen a match like that in ages. Anyway, enough crowing about ManUre’s hollow victory…I’m back in town, back at work, back in the mix of things.

So, what gives, who’s been shagging who, what’s going on in the big bad city?

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  1. Sonnty, welcome back. Trust all went well & your proved your mandhood to the rellies by supplying plenty plus chibuku/Gobeer in chegas. To all who doubted that Man UTd rules, the score line speaks for itself & like the Don Mourinho said, Liverpool is the UEFA champion this year but Chelsea we beat them. So suck eggs!!!!! He he he he he
    Unrelated if you want something different, go watch State of the Nation at Theatre in the Park. Was some good humour

  2. I reckon I might have a go at that play, read the review recently, apparently they’re a hoot, Langeveldt in particular.

    Aren’t we getting all artsy-fartsy?

  3. Arts & Culture are the way forward, cant spend your entire life in the pub. Besides if you go mid-week it doesnt interupt weekend sport!

  4. Please can you not support NZ, wear there kit nor bet for them to win.

    You have this bad omen that is just not going away

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