Snakes in the grass

What the hell is wrong with people? Hamudi kuona vamwe vachifara, nhai? Why can’t you jes’ let others be happy in their relationships without trying to get a piece of the action.

Tell me you’ve heard this one before: 2 people are dating, seeing each other, bumping stomachs or whatever, right? There’s always somebody who comes along, and tries to either snatch or sample the goods. Why is this? Hamunyare.

The worst part is when, say, one of your homies is macking on your girl in the background. To all the snakes out there, hear me and hear me well. The chick always tells. No exception! Your mate knows when you’re trying to work on his girl, and trust me, it’s never worth the beat-down you’re gonna catch! Whether that beat-down is verbal or physical, is up to your particular negotiating skills, but it will come.

Watch yourselves people, it’s not like you’re not all getting enough already – why chase someone else’s goat when yours is providing enough milk to feed the needy?

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  1. Thanks Joe for raising this issue we tired of so called buddies who go after our loved ones… do all sorts of things to destroy the love we treasure… I mean what makes some people think they so special and we lesser that they deserve the woman we with.. We also human and all you hating buddies out there learn to respect. If I am with a woman she is with me because pane zvaarikuda pandiri…

  2. I like this here topic you have undergone and taken. What you have gotta realise though is that the game is always there and there will always be willing participants. They say don’t hate the player but hate the game, but i hate BOTH.
    But why is it your best friend has to be the culprit?
    But at times hey the chic does not tell, that then becomes suspicious. What does that then imply?
    Well anyway it is all about the relationship btwn the original two, they shld be strong and help fight this here pesticide.

  3. here in Jhb, this is a way of life. Some of these chicks, especially your so-called homies, wait for you to get a nice guy and when they see that he can take good care of you, it’s over!

    I dont know what causes this disease but there is nothing more painful I think, than to get a snake-bite from a friend. Even from anyone. Ko those being stolen, what do they think their doin?

  4. But honestly can you decide to loose a friend jus because you want your mates lover… you shld realise if someone can leave your friend that person can leave you TOO

  5. Aiwa joe the problem is that when you get a girl akabatana you show her off to your boys same with you ladies also. Don’t you know they are also looking. And then you gossip about how their “style” is massive of course someone else wants a sample

  6. nyoka inyoka for sure Joe, but why is it easier for guys that if that happens they can still wake up tomorrow and pretend like it never happened and be buddies.
    But with chics, honestly inini, i wont hate u but just dont cross my path. coz that really hurts

  7. For guys, she just becomes “That Bitch” but we won’t make a big deal of it, because pride and ego won’t allow it….zvinonyadzisa kutorerwa musikana 🙂

  8. don’t hate the player if your game is whack and you lose your goods, whose fault is that? yer friend sees a good thang and goes 4 it, ain’t no problems right therrre

  9. uhhm you guys always want to play your little pissing contests with us ndosaka. Who’s got the bigger balls and so forth and even your friend’s chick refuses your overtures you label her a bitch and badmouth her to her man. Kuita here ikoko?

  10. my game is tight baby ain’t nuthin like that happenin to a baller like me. besides if a ho’ wanna be wit some other cat what do I need that fo’?

  11. Aaaah, now the truth comes out, *player*.

    So, now to bread and butter issues. Say you find out one of your peeps is making covert moves on your spouse/friend/splackavelli what do you do about that?


  12. First it depends on how i find out.
    If my so called partner didnt tell me ndinomamisa mese muritwo.
    If i am told upfront then i will deal with my mate.

  13. Iwe Joe asi someone took your things recently? shame. Ey, this shit happens all the time, all you gotta do is cut both of them off and move on with your life ain’t no need to stress about some false homie and dumb broad (or guy whatever)

  14. Oh well in that case I would nip that shit in the bud right quick! Tell that man to step off or get ready for the consequences. It all depends on if she did tell me or if I heard the stories from elsewhere.

  15. ooh my kind of man, strong and protective. what if I didn’t tell you thinking it was some harmless flirting?

  16. there is no such thing Tino, i am sorry to say but hapana zvakadaro. Tell your nigga that his nigga is macking on u

  17. Thanks all you peeple for making me laugh after a hard day at work. I think the problem mainly is as young people we are not taking our relationships, and consequently our friends’, seriously.

    We see lots of casual affairs amongst our friends and deem them meaningless. If we attach no value to them of course the temptation to “sample or steal” is very high I think.

    Besides, Joe when did you last care enough about a woman to be angry when she left you, hhehehe 😉

  18. Well, I don’t know how casual your relationships are down there, sweetie, but back home we’re pretty serious about who we date. Is there actually a level where one wouldn’t give a damn if their “things” are taken away?

  19. Nice comment right thuurrr lisalisa

    Joe………sorry hako but ndaseka….come to think of it, i have actually never seen u nemusikana

  20. that’s the way Joe, keep your honeys in check and don’t go flossing around with them.

    Tino, are you asking for trouble? any sane man when he finds out will either drop you like a bad habit or just stop caring. You’d better come clean or youre in some serious shit

  21. Hehe its easy for you guys to talk and make it seem like its no big deal… wait till some even dares to ask your chick out – these are serious matters of the heart and thats why pane increase yepassion murders

  22. you will end up singing song ya Uncle Sam.

    I dont ever wanna see u again. Tell me why did it have to be my best friend….

  23. Nope, but i am speaking from experience, i have been a victim one to many times.
    You get caught up in the wrong shiii and then for chics as well when u tell her ur man was after your ass…..she will think otherwise and think the opposite. its crap.

  24. I was discussing this with one of my girls at lunch-time, and it happened to her last week. Her man’s COUSIN hit on her in the club when daddy went to the loo, but she didn’t tell.

    Cousin keeps calling her, so she didn’t know what to do. JB I told her to visit here and see 😀

  25. Good advise Tino, u can also tell her to tell her man, hapana Mafia family pano, there is no keeping it in the family business.
    If i were her i would tell him because when it then comes out, coz trust me it will eventually, she will lose the both of them.

  26. Ummmm surely if your mate can disrespect you to the extent of “snatching” your chick then that friendship bond never really existed. I was based on fiction not fact! Same story with your partner, if they know this is your tight mate & they hook up with them then the relationship wasn’t meant to be. Lets be real, we all make choices……….the question is do you respect your friend/partner enough to make the right decision.

  27. Of course, trust is the underlying issue here. But my main question is not about when the chick has actually been snatched.

    It’s when you first discover the attempts at snatching, that point when you realise kuit ah, izinyoka.

  28. It only means that we’re all inherently aware that people will try and take what’s important to you, whether for selfish reasons or to hurt you. What is important is how you find out, and how you react when you do. Besides most of these guys or gals aren’t worth crying over anyway

  29. Depending on where you in are in the relationship (i.e. first few months) the following will happen
    1. Promptly de-select the chick
    2. Have a beer with your mate & discuss how she wasnt worth it if she could fall for someone who is this close to the partner
    3. Attack the market as though you are Chelsea trying the win four trophies in one season
    If you are quite feeling the chick, then eish……..agree kuti a more deserving brother has won & with your tail between your legs quietly sit in your corner & drink your beer whilst the lads ridicule you

  30. “You sound like it’s happened to you, lady tiudzewo”

    Sorry friend, but I don’t like washing my laundry in public. Besides I dont think the subject would appreciate it, hehe

  31. Nyaya yacho yakora.
    But Trevor, even if it was the first few months, u really like this person and then ur so called nigga pulls such a move then what.
    U see this is what i dont get, me i tell u your nigga is doing this then u go and dump me. saka nhewe uriimbwa yemunhu

  32. Its not really getting emotional. Its just facts that come out, coz we are the most likely victims anyway. It does happens to guys but it all circles around women. Its just the plain simple truth

  33. I dont honestly believe that men do things without encouragement. For my mate to aggresively pursue you its because YOU have given him the orange light, meaning prepare to take off to the moon.
    Nonetheless if you look at my earlier comment I said
    “then that friendship bond never really existed. I was based on fiction not fact!”
    You feel me?

  34. I feel you Trevor.

    but its not always the case hey. in some circumstances…yes and in others the nigga anenge atapirirwa nhewe.
    I mean u gots to give ur own man some respect there. u tend to ignore these other guys coz u can see their motives but they just keep pursuing

  35. I mean the bottom line is respect… if you dont respect me you are FICTION. And ladies beware of our good friends who act as crying shoulders INYOKA

  36. Taura hako Andy, u got the right words there.
    I have told mine.
    The part i hated though is when i was in high school and i was telling my friend her boyfriend had made a move.
    She took it that the other way round like i was after her man and our friendship ended and well they still broke up and he went after some other friend….
    women can be hard heads at times

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