Hello you!

Welcome to RustyGate.org, the personal weblog of Joe Black. This is my spot for…well, anything really, so feel free to enjoy my story as it unfolds. If you’re easily offended, or if you live in Harare and happen to know any of the characters in the blog, feel free to feck off right now.

Don’t worry if I swear a lot, or forget to smooth over some of the rougher details…just take this for what it is: the personal blog of a young professional in Harare, Zimbabwe.

5 Replies to “Hello you!”

  1. Jus wanted to be the first person to post a comment… This man is a genius – this site is the next google.

  2. I think you have completely lost it now mate, there is enough shite said in the bhawa now you want the whole world to know you have completely lost your marbles?

    But good on you mate……..

  3. Well.. God bless you Black Joe for this site.. gave me some comic relief on a Sunday. How was Tuku’s 53rd B-day party..

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