What’s the story (morning glory)?

Okay, so not so clever to start a weblog with an Oasis album title…peeps might get the wrong impression. Like that I’m young, white, and a rock fan. Wrong. I’m actually young, black and an everything fan. But that’s beside the point.

A little about meself. I’m just an ordinary guy living the life…Zimbabwean in Zimbabwe, professional, mid-twenties. I love my rugby, football, cricket, booze and women. I love talking shit, playing games, hanging with me mates, smoking the odd ciggie, watching the odd movie. And I love sex (dont act like you don’t).

So that’s it, any more may or may not seep out during the course of this journalistic experience I’m trying out. But not too much I hope, cos where I’m from, you feck around and talk more shit than you should, you get a beat-down. Peace.

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