Herald makes Freudian slip

We see you, Herald
We see you, Herald


The tale of Robert Martin Gumbura is all over the news.

The guy is definitely an asshole. Maybe he’s also a rapist; I don’t know – that’s for the courts to decide.

What made me laugh is the image above, a screencap of the current Herald website. Gumbura’s church is named “RMG Independent End Time Message Church”, and is obviously a vanity project – just look at the initials tacked onto the beginning.

The Herald‘s intrepid court reporter, however, is probably so used to seeing Your Uncle’s initials that he’s totally messed up Gumbura’s church name, turning it into “RGM Independent End Time Message”, which begs the question.

What are you thinking, “Tendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter”? What’s on your mind?

Got something you wanna say, but are repressing because you know how to act?

Talk to us, Tendai. This is a safe place. You’re among friends.


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  1. Iwe, haunyari kuda kukonzeresa munhu. It’s the festive season, a drunken dog running across the road could do Tendai in for any ill-judged reality tv style confessionals.

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