Hey there, Team ZANU-PF

Bhora mugedhi

I get confused when I see young, seemingly intelligent people wearing ZANU-PF regalia.

Given the history of the ‘revolutionary party’, I can only wonder whether these people are actually psychopaths or have a mercenary mentality.

A psychopath is someone with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behaviour without empathy or remorse. Someone who doesn’t give a shit about the suffering of others, for example.

Mercenaries will try and make money no matter what, and in this Zimbabwe, the surest way to make a quick buck is by wearing overalls, waving the ZANU-PF flag and singing the praises of their Dear Leader.

See, the history of ZANU-PF is black. I won’t even talk about Gukurahundi, as that’s a conversation for another day.

Since just 1999, ZANU-PF has (officialy) killed, maimed, raped and displaced Zimbabweans. These are facts. Anyone who tries to dispute this is a bare-faced liar, and they know it.

The sheer amount of human suffering manifested in the official name of the ZANU-PF party is staggering. Again, I’m just being factual.

So anyone I see supporting ZANU-PF, particularly amongst the so-called ‘youth’ of Zimbabwe, totally confuses me.

Is it that you have no conscience? Are you wilfully blind to everything that’s happened over the past 15 years? Are you just sticking to the Party so you can get comfort and make a fecking living?

To be honest, the amount of havoc wreaked by ZANU-PF disgusts me, just as much as a person with no conscience. And if you’re under 40 and support that murderous cabal, I genuinely believe you have no conscience.

Henceforth and therefore, you disgust me.



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  1. I support ZANU PF because of their policies which aim to improve the life of an ordinary zimbabweans. yes violent has been there and they might have killed and maimed. I am sorry it has taken place and I do not condone that, I hope those guilty will be brought before the courts and God deals with them as well, but as a zanu pf supporter, I look at the good side of ZANU and the good side of other political parties, I’m afraid ZANU PF does it for me, I am not a mercenary, I have never benefited from zanu pf and I doubt if i will everr directly benefit but for as long as they upload their principles and aim to be fair in their dealings, they will be my part of choice. having said that, I HATE THE CORRUPT ZRP TRAFFIC POLICE. !!!!

  2. They might have killed and maimed? No. Don’t play. They have. That’s not in dispute. And that’s all that matters. So, you disgust me. That is all

    1. you left one category…..straght ignorant. This kuda guy seems to think zanu loves “ordinary zimbabweans”, that can only be described is ignorance

    2. Are you saying the opposition has not maimed and killed? If you are ‘realistic’ enough to assert that Zanu PF has done such, then you should also know that the opposition, both MDC and ZAPU have reciprocated the hideous acts. It’s a choice between devils. To think otherwise is ignorance.

      1. Translation; “We’ve attacked people. In a few rare cases, they fought back. So we’re all the same”. Fuck outta here LOL

    3. At the end of the day we have our own choices we make and attacking someone for their choice baffles me. choose to hate ZANU and l wont be worried. choose to like it, still i wont be worried. THANK YOU

      1. Your choices are disgusting, so I’m not attacking you, know the difference. I’m telling you how it makes me feel

  3. Anyway, these are just opinions. Ndiyo freedom yacho ka, to support whatever party we wish to, and to hold and express opinions on whatever party we wish to. Ndizvozvo

    1. And was it your political affiliation? Iyo isingakusemese tinzwe. Chete zvako Joe Black zvine ma personari mukati. Ndiwe wekuzhamba ma ICT awards ka iwe? Unofa nechigodo pahuro nekungosemeswa.

      1. None whatsoever. Not narrow-minded enough to belong to any political party. And it’s cute that you’ve decided my motives. As if that’s the only scope in which you can understand that your murderous cabal makes other people sick, yet you can blithely dismiss the suffering you’ve caused. Psychopath

        1. Quick to dress people with words aren’t we Joe? Lol. Chete unenge uzvigumbu zvakawanda mudhara, i’m sure anyone reading this can see your anger. Ipapo handingakubatsire hangu. Wotoshinga.

        2. Ndiwe here wazoivhara thread pazasi apo or ndoo ma system acho? I don’t think I am anonymous, I am Jokorimbo just like you are Joe Black. 🙂 naiwo ma jokes ako echikaradhi aya…

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