Here we go again….

So, the Zimbabwe Warriors kick off their second AFCON campaign tonight, taking on Senegal in their opening encounter.

As usual, I’ll be hollering for the boys, you know how we patriots do, but how’s it gonna end. To be honest, I don’t wanna cast any aspersions on our ability, but I really doubt our ‘technical’ team have the tactical nous to rise to the challenge. If games were won on heart alone, we’d be world champs by now.

What’s really getting to me is this whole Benjani scenario. The guy arrives in Egypt two days before the first game, and goes on about how he’s “…not going back to Portsmouth until we get knocked out”. I mean for feck’s sakes dude, you were supposed to be in camp all this time, yet you’re in and out playing for your new paymasters?

Bigger players than Benjani have been working out with their national teams, yet we give this guy the chance to go back and forth like he’s some Samuel Eto’o? Bugger that. How do you think the other players in camp feel, especially a striker who’s been slaving at training, only to be beaten to the starting jersey by a pampered Pompey boy? That sucks, man.

No doubting his ability, but he surely would start on the bench? Ah whatever, watch him make me eat my words by scoring a hat-trick, wouldn’t that be lovely?

On a sad note, ManUre beat Liverpool 1-0 yesterday, lucky dogs. I know I promised to stay off your backs guys, but to hell with that, you suck. We were just unlucky, Cisse needs glasses and a kick in the arse. Soon.

Oh, and well done Arsenal, bwahahahaha.
As a footnote, I note with dismay that there isn’t a single player in the Warriors’ squad from my club, Dynamos. Considering we only had Leo Kurauzvione in the squad last go-round, this says more than any other stat about the downfall of my once-great Glamour Boys.

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  1. I sincerely hope kuti Zim win, we surely need it. I’ve been looking at the team list it seems half the players work down here Joe, you can’t expect any of your dynamos guys to compete 🙂

  2. Benjani must hve been bought for $Z4.5 mil – and Peter shld just hang his boots gracefully and stop wasting jersey musquad

  3. Like I said, he should have at least come off the bench, what a waste. Peter shouldn’t command a starting jersey either.

    I mean, the game actually started flowing when Nengo and Lupahla were in there, as there was suddenly a link to the strikers. Instead of that bhora ramhofu of just thumping it via route 1.

    And what’s with that high offside trap at the halfway line? ‘technical’ department for sure….

  4. I really like your blog, but on this particular point I dont agree im afraid 🙁

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