High times at HIFA

Rockin times at the festival last night. We saw Antonio Forcione on the main stage, man, this dude rocks. Absolutely the best guitarist I’ve seen live, no doubt.

Then we managed to catch a bit of Gazza, the Namibian Maskiri-type dude. Quite fun, the guys were loving it, crowd loved it, his brand of kwaito has more energy and just…pure joy than I’ve seen in a long time. Like the Trompies when they started out, these guys were doin it just for fun, looked like. Good times.

Then Chiwoniso (again) on the Coke Green, nice chillout show, my respect for her is only growing. But, and I have to say this with honesty: She. Looked. fecking. Stoned.

This is a long weekend, so it will be HIFA, sport, beer and good times until Tuesday. Harare sucks!

2 Replies to “High times at HIFA”

  1. Sounds like HIFA is happening for you JOE. Drink some Viceroy for me am suffering in the books and Aussie is getting cold now. am on the edge of my seat today coz Man U is about to play.

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