The love of things keeps us going

I love things. And judging by what HIFA showed, I’m not the only one. The people came out in droves: locals from all walks, regional tourists and even a couple of jazz-loving, brandy-swigging Ozzies.

Angelique Kidjo is awesome – she put on a show the kind of which I hadn’t experienced yet: energetic, soulful and unbelievably LOUD. Not surprising considering Kitkins chose a spot close to the speaker assembly (and far from the bar). And I ain’t complaining cos we had a rocking good time!

The township jazz experience on Sunday, the last day, was unbelievable. So there I was, getting a bit of throat-fuel from the bar, when these two *really* high Aussies start arguing over the origins of kwela music. Strange, I thought, considering I expected them to be discussing the merits of Stuart MacGill in the one-day game more than African township music. Well, they assured me, they may love their cricket and “footy”, but jazz was their first love, and they made the trek from Sydney just to experience what they heard was one of Africa’s premier events. After Cape Town, of course (which they say was totally awesome).

Ozzies. Talking Miriam and Hugh and Dolly and Abdullah like they were their best friends. Wonders never cease.

So long weekend over, Harare Fest over, back to work and the drudgery of daily life in the Fun Capital. Bleurgh.

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  1. Women! MacGill is an Australian leg-spinner, ostensibly the replacement for Shane Warne who’s well on his way to retirement.

    Surely you’ve heard of SK Warne? Well, he’s retired from the ODI game and SC MacGill is the only spinning hope Oz have available, now and for the future.

    Consider yerself educated 🙂

  2. And I am supposed to know all that? I find it quite sad that you should actually know all that, oh I forgot your head is filled with sport

  3. hie y’all freezing cold down here wish was back home with all your HIFA and stuff, jigga even I know macgill but I suppose thats becos i’m in kiwiland

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