I can has gochi-gochi

So I woke up Saturday with another massive whisky hangover (courtesy, again, of Utano) and in dire need of burnt meat.

I don’t know what it is about dehydration and salty meat … all I remember is without boerewors I was gonna be a fecking dead man.

So I trundled down to Golden Stairs garage, hollered at the metalworkers displaying their wares and picked out a braai-stand. Called one or two chaps to come over and watch the rugby, bought myself some sausages and tjops … and whisky, then went home.

Next thing I knew it was 8pm and my car-park was full, fire was blazing and nyayas were flying.

Now all I need’s a generator and I’m never leaving the house …

Good times, good times.

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  1. ok, that was recycling.

    dude, I was hanging with some Zim people from UCT a couple months back that were all urgh about hitting loxion joints.
    I have not hung out with them since.

  2. Saka you shisa’d some nyama on the weekend, NOICE! I see you have acclimatised well into the ‘burbs, lol.

    Now i am craving some burnt red meat…mmmmmh 🙂

  3. Well Vim, I would have thought you’d be getting enough sausa … ahem, uhm, well.

    Yeah, liking the burbs, wonder how long I’ll stay! I like things!!! lol

  4. I had to google it. JB, I think you were bang out of order there.

    Mos Native, you gonna take that?!


  5. Hey babes, know you got my back 😉

    JB is that special cousin who says something loud and embarassing around the dinner table; we ignore his outbursts and pretend they never happened.

    p.s. Just Fucking Google It…

  6. LOL…

    One big issue I have with goching this side is that all the butcheries (Spars, Checkers… and small corner butcheries) only sell halaal meat. Now im not a Muslim-hater but when they halaalize meat, they drain all the blood completely then you get these fancily packaged chops and steaks that are deathly pale and have zero flavour??? They even do this to the pork, like the Muslim okes are gonna touch it???

    Durban was fine coz I could venture into the darkie ghetto or the zulu prazeros and find a good old “bhucha” where they sell you “inyama”, any cut for the same price! now im in dizzy CT and the ghetto bhuchas are run by Muslim okes… 🙁

    Oh, what I would do for a bhucha… Chegaz style…

  7. racist coz you didn’t invite us and no you didn’t get a shout on the best breakfast show in Zim

  8. Sorry bra, wasn’t planned, people just kinda showed up. But it was nothing, just a few boys hanging around talking kak.

    Stay tuned for a proper braai. So, weekend?

  9. revenge is dish best served cold like this weather we are currently experiencing

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