The king is dead. Long live the king.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson died last night in an LA hospital – weeks before he was gonna thrill Londoners with a series of sold-out shows.

Jackson’s impact on American pop music cannot be overstated. His signature vocal style, dance moves and military-inspired fashion sense also influenced pop culture worldwide. He earned worldwide acclaim for his 1982 Thriller album, produced by Quincy Jones.

His subsequent efforts, including his Bad album of 1987 and a collaboration with sister Janet, were also well received. His Thriller video, with its occult imagery and choreographed ensemble dance, helped launch the music video genre.

His increasingly bizzare behaviour and the constant cloud over his private life (and “love” of children) tarnished his image somewhat, but to those who grew up listening to his music, he’ll always be the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen.

Thank you Michael, go well.

18 Replies to “The king is dead. Long live the king.”

  1. I dont give a flying f*ck about his personal life, what he did to his face and skin; who he did, what age they were or what sex they were. He could even not have really existed for all I care, but what is real is

    That was one talented motherf*cker right there!
    We are not, in this lifetime, going to see anything halfway close to what he did to entertainment.
    He took that music show, made it his own and ran like Forrest!

    Now Im off to hunt down “Off The Wall” and “Thriller”… on vinyl.

  2. I am SO upset, you have no idea!

    There is no heir apparent here, too many wannabe’s…there will only be one King.

    Sleep easy MJ!

  3. Mos Nav, bet you’ll say the same about R Kelly!

    Anyway, I don’t get it. Yeah, he was the ultimate entertainer, singer-songwriter etc. But… I don’t know. I got as much Jacko as the next Zimbo, but I ain’t really feeling IT.

  4. For real MJ was an great entertainer and surely noone can compare,but are those kids really his?they look too white to be his!

  5. @EL – I guess they would look rather “coloured” on the white side given their mothers are lily white.

    @Tara – Actually, I do feel the same way about R Kelly – he’s got a concert here in CT but Im not going only coz I dont feel the CT crowd!
    All the legendary music artists, writers, actors etc all have quirkiness of some sort; usually drugs, personality disorders or sexual perversion of some sort. I would not “not read” or “not listen” to a good work of art because that persons personality or character offends me.

  6. Love the look of your site – are you having fun with it? Keep up the good work and good luck with your site!

  7. No offence to you ACM but the person who wrote that article sounds like he’s an idiot on so many levels.

    Just an e.g. he suggests that Prince’s “Sign O’ the Times” with 3.2 million album sales marked the takeover of the King Of Pop title from MJ’s “Thriller” which has >100 million album sales, and has never stopped selling….????

  8. Sadly, I actually know the guy from when I worked for Cricinfo. He knows his cricket, but on this one he’s way, waaaay off the mark.

  9. One of the problems with the web is that anyone with something to say can actually get to say it.

    Now the feeding frenzy over MJ’s estate…

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