I have a big green ball

So, from Sunday I spent about 30 hours sitting at my desk, working. Yes, I know, but shit happens sometimes. And now I have this back-ache, I tell you my lower back feels like someone took a hammer to it. And that means I get…….a medicine ball!

That’s right, I’ve moved my executive chair aside, and I’m sitting on a big green Reebok medicine ball. It’sone of the big ones, 3k size I think, so about chair height is where I’m at, and I tell ya what, this thing is one bouncy motherfecker.

I mean, I’m bouncing up and down, and I’m already thinking of Something. Although, to be practical, it would be one major balancing act to try Something on this medicine ball, unless with an extra platform involved. Like a lower desk, or a coffe table. Hmmm, inoita.

Medicine balls are cool. Forget all that shit about how they’re good for your back and posture and all that, get a big green one and use it for sex!

2 Replies to “I have a big green ball”

  1. What exectly is Something? I have a medicine ball which is for my workouts very good for the back

  2. Something, as I refer to it in this context, is sex or the act of sex. Climbing, bhaud, fucking, doing it. To be honest, I only managed 30 minutes on that ball, but I think I’ll include it in my daily routine, cos I had darn good sleep at night.

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