So much for 50 Cents

Caught some jazz at the Mannenberg on sat. Victor Kunonga and his band, Peace. Holy crap, this dude, actually knows what he’s doing…I’ve been missing out.

I mean, I am a jazz fan, it’s just I never thought this dude had anything. You know, the whole he’s just another Tuk-alike, an Oliver Mtukudzi in training. AT actually went as far as calling him the next tuku.

Anyway, whoever he is, he’s got a lot going for him. His voice ain’t that bad, but the boy’s got some serious skill with a guitar. And that band – thelead guitarist is shit-hot, bass is pumping heavy and the percussionist is, well, fecking awesome.

I actually had a great, haven’t had a good jazz xperience in a long time. And to think I could have gone to Circus. Pah!

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  1. Well.. Joe why dont you promote the guy by buying his original CD. He actually has two albums out.. I just found out that Tuku has 49 albums.. imagine how long it took this guy to be known worlwide.. wonder if Victor can make it in a couple of years

  2. If I knew where to get the CDs…it’s not easy to just walk into a CD shop and find what you wanted anymore. Quite hard, actually.

    I’ll go round and have a look, maybe I’ll get sum’in

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